Air Pods – There’s nothing quite like these devices for iPhone users, and as well as being completely wireless, they come with a host of high-tech features, from the built-in Siri voice assistant to the active voice cancellation you can find on the Pro versions and max. For this reason and its considerably high price, you must know how to clean it. Keep reading, and you will learn how to do it step by step.

How to Clean your Air Pods or Air Pods Pro?

Step 1: Gently hose a sensitive, dry, develop free texture.
Step 2: Clean the contraption’s body, avoiding the speaker organization.
Step 3: Use a dry q-tip to clean the beneficiary and speaker organization.
Step 4: Permit them to dry preceding placing them in the charging case or on your ears.

How to Clean the Tips of the Air Pods Pro?

Step 1: If water has collected on the adapter, tap the Air Pod with a soft, dry, lint-free cloth with the adapter opening facing down to remove it.
Step 2 – Remove the adapters from each Air Pod and rinse each tip with water. Remember the previous warning: do not use soap or other household cleaning products
Step 3 – Clean each adapter with a soft, dry, lint-free cloth. Please wait for the adapters to dry completely before putting them back on each Air Pod.
Step 4 – Put the adapters back into each Air Pod; they are oval-shape, so make sure you align them correctly before clicking again

How to Clean your Air Pods Max?

Regardless of anything else, never put your Cases Max lowered. In light of everything, wipe them down with a fragile, dry, develop free material.

In case your Units Max has been introduced to anything that could cause smears, similar to chemical, cleaning agent, or creams, clean them with a material barely hosed with water. Then, dry them with a fragile, dry, develop free material. Compassionately don’t use them until they are scorched.

How to Clean the Ear Tips and Headband of your Air Pods Max?

Step 1 – In a clean container, mix one tablespoon of liquid laundry detergent and one cup of water.
Step 2 –  Carefully remove the ear pads.
Step 3 – Dip a lint-free cloth in the soap and water solution, dry it, and rub the ear cushions and headband for one minute each. Tip: Keep your Air Pods Max upside down while cleaning to prevent liquid from dripping onto the headband anchor point.
Step 4 – Dry the ear cushions and headband with a soft, hard, dry, lint-free cloth to remove excess moisture.
Step 5 – Lay your Air Pods Max on a flat surface to dry for at least 24 hours before placing the tips back on the headband and wearing them.
That’s all! The most significant thing to keep in mind is to use as little liquid as possible. Now you can walk around with the cleanest Pods out there.

When Should you Clean your Air Pods?

When Should you Clean your Air Pods?

It is best to clean your headphones after each use. For a deeper clean, they should be cleaned about every two weeks. And let’s not forget to put them back in their case so they can be recharged and keep them from collecting all the dust! And, of course, we avoid lending our Pods, which are unhygienic.

How do I know if my Air Pods need to be Cleaned?

Before you clean your Air Pods, you first need to ensure they need them. Several signs let you know if your headphones need to be cleaned or not. The first, of course, is dirt. If you notice that the grille of your helmet is quite dirty (deposits, black marks on the wings of the helmet), then it is advisable to clean it. However, dust can get into the grille of your pods.

In this case, it’s less easy to tell if the headphones need to clean. The best way to know if one (or both) of your Pods is dirty on the inside is to compare the sound volume. If you feel that the proper level of one of your headphones is lower, it means that dirt has infiltrated significantly inside. Please don’t panic. It’s possible to clean both the inside and outside your Air Pods.

Before Cleaning: What not to do?

Don’t rush to clean your Air Pods without asking. You could only make things worse. It is essential to know everything you should not do when cleaning your headphones not to damage them. First of all, we must forget about any cleaning with water. Air Pods are electronic devices: passing them underwater will only hurt or destroy them. More generally, no liquid should enter the opening of the earphones. If you use a cloth, it should be soft, dry, and lint-free (so forget about paper towels, which can easily tear and get into the grill of your headphones). Finally, do not use any abrasive or sharp material.

Cleaning your Headphones can Improve Sound

Authentic help of your head defender isn’t just about cleaning. Whether you have Air Cases, Framework Buds, or another brand of headphones, you could experience sound issues due to improper Cleaning. Beyond a shadow of a doubt, if earwax enters the little vents through which the sound passes, the last choice can impede. This blockage may not be obviously clear, but the sound could be stuck, diminishes, or twisted.

Clean the Air Pods Max Ear Pads and Headband

Mix 1 teaspoon (5 ml) of liquid dress chemical in an ideal compartment in 1 cup (250 ml) of water.

Remove the Ear Cushions from the Headphones

  • When cleaning the headband, hold the Air Pods Max upside down to prevent liquid from entering the connection point of the headband.
  • Soak a lint-free cloth in soapy water, wring it out lightly, and gently rub it over the ear pads for 1 minute and the headband for 1 minute.
  • Clean the ear cushions and the headband with another texture delicately hosed with water.
  • Dry the ear pads and headband with a sensitive, dry, develop free texture to dispose of any overabundance soddenness.
  • Let your Air Pods Max dry on a flat surface for at least a day before reattaching the tips and using them.

Clean the Air Pods Max Case

Clean the Quick Case with a sensitive, dry, develop free material. If significant, use the texture delicately hosed with isopropyl alcohol. Permit the Splendid Case to dry. Do whatever it takes not to use grinding materials to clean the Clever Case.

Can I use Sanitizer to Clean my EarPods, Air Pods, Air Pods Pro, and Air Pods Max?

You can use a 70% isopropyl alcohol wipe, 75% ethyl alcohol wipe, or Clorox Disinfecting Wipes to gently clean the external surfaces of your Air Cases, Master, Air Units Max, or EarPods. Make an effort not to use these things on EarPods, Air Units, and Star organization, Don’t use these things on the wound around network headband or ear heap of Max. Make an effort not to use things containing whiten or hydrogen peroxide. Do whatever it takes not to get the openings wet, and don’t soak Air Cases, Virtuoso, Max, or EarPods in a cleaning trained professional.


It’s crucial for clean your headphones regularly, as they promptly become enclosed by microorganisms. Start by cleaning the mouthpiece and speaker grilles. The grilles of your headphones are overall the part that gets dingy the fastest. To do this, you ought to go there at all troublesome way
Clean the mouthpiece and speaker grilles with a dry q-tip. Take out junk from grates and fragile fiber brush. Do it in a very enthusiastic way without driving unreasonably.

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