Arrests.Org – If you have mugshots and arrest records on, you know firsthand how notorious and harmful mugshot submission websites can be. You can also apply to opt-out of, but the process is not straightforward.

You can submit a mugshot removal form on our website or send an email with your removal request. Unfortunately, these requests are not always granted. If so, it does not necessarily delete all data. You will have to submit various supporting documents and wait 5-30 days for the results.

If you want to remove your data from many other data broker websites, Incogni offers a fully automated data removal service. Please review our other data broker opt-out guides below if you want to manually opt-out.

But first, follow these step-by-step instructions to remove your headshot from

What is is a mugshot submission website with local satellite sites in 39 US states. However, captures, collects, and posts mugshots by scraping public sources such as police records. and other mugshot-posting websites have been criticized for being online extortion schemes.

Create an intrusion profile with details such as:

  • Mugshots
  • Full names
  • Date of birth
  • Hight
  • Weight
  • Addresses
  • Arrest records
  • Charges
  • Prior arrests

Mugshot websites like claim to serve the public by collecting and publishing criminal records, but they can be very harmful to those who view their private Information. Not only does it damage your online reputation, but it can also affect your ability to find housing and work.

Almost anyone using search engines like Google and Bing can easily find these mugshots, even if the records have been sealed or deleted. Unfortunately, it’s not easy to remove your headshot from these sites.

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How to Remove Yourself from prides itself on being a crime-fighting arrest records search tool that makes a valuable database of arrest report data, including criminal records, available to the public. However, some websites appear more openly geared toward entertainment and advertising revenue.

For example,’s removal process does not have an exact method for removing mugshots. This is consistent even after prosecutions of offenders and criminal and civil charges have been dropped or dismissed.

90% of client claims have been withdrawn, dismissed, sealed and cancelled. You have options. I’ll help you.

The only information the website provides on removing yourself from is on the CONTACT page…it just says, “Send all inquiries to”. Not much to get out of it.

If you read the fine print below contact information, you’ll also see a disclaimer stating that the site owner is not responsible for any inaccurate information posted.

Additionally, states that people posted on the website are not necessarily convicted of a crime. It is where most confusion occurs, as anyone who sees these mugshots automatically assumes the worst.

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Is Legitimate?

And while web admins refuse to take any responsibility for their users’ posts, keeping arrest records and mugshots online can negatively impact an individual’s overall success. Therefore, most people will have to explain what happened by not disclosing the results. For example, when applying for a job or loan or trying to date online.

Accessing arrest records and knowing how to remove yourself from starts with understanding how mugshot sites are marketed. The good aupdate is that you don’t need federal agencies or law enforcement to find arrest records. You can do it yourself with an internet connection and a few minutes of your time.

Many sites claim to be doing public service by “informing the public.” So this is complete nonsense. The owners of these websites are simply looking for additional sources of income to operate from the comfort of their homes.

Unfortunately, it comes at the expense of many innocent people who may not have the means to obtain those funds.

Still, anyone who visits knows that it is for entertainment purposes.

It also includes hashtag categories for users to tag offenders. Opt-Out List of Tags

  • Beat Up
  • Grills
  • Hotties
  • Transgender
  • Celebrity
  • Hair
  • Scary
  • Wine
  • Handicap
  • Hunks
  • Tatted-up
  • WTF

The fact of the matter is simple. They were arrested as they said and pretended. How does labelling an individual “WTF” tell people in the community?

Better yet, what about the “celebrity” tag? This is a click user! 99% of the time, people who are called celebrities aren’t celebrities.

Along with this controversial way of classifying criminals, the footnote section rivals the Old West. This is because reviews for generally rude and obscene behaviour often leave more than positive comments.

Users can view specific headshots or arrest record photos and add comments. Comments are highlighted on the home page. These comments are often inappropriate, hurtful and very graphic.

To know how to remove yourself from a mugshot site like mugshot, you first need to understand what you’re up against.

How Large Is is the holding domain for many county/state-specific websites throughout the United States. These sites capture, manage, and publish unlimited photos of countless individuals.

Websites of these subsidiaries can be found by state. However, the website is restricted to submissions only. Some states are lighter on mugshot distribution and arrest reporting than others. Headshots accessible on are more likely to rank high on Google for a particular criminal’s name.

The conceivable process is that all this data is available to everyone. All they have to do is dig a little.

In conclusion, websites such as, Alabama, arrests org Indiana, arrests org Kentucky, and Utah provide instant access to mugshots and arrest photos from search results.

But criminals who have not been convict, had their charges dropped, been pardoned by a judge, or have completed their sentences will still suffer. Being arrested is one thing, but being further punished after settling matters with the courts is another.

However, certain mugshot publishing domains, such as and Florida, continue working with companies specializing in removal services. Secondary companies charge a fee to remove your headshot. Mugshot removal work varies from person to person, and there is no set fee.

How much does it cost to remove me from

Costs vary depending on the severity of the charge, whether a conviction has been filed, whether the order has been drop, dismissed, or dismisses, and the date the incident occurred. Old crimes can be quickly delete.

Charges removed from and other mugshot sites such as Indiana can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars, depending on the extent of your criminal record.

While this may solve the problem for a short time, unfortunately, this is not the recommended strategy for ensuring long-term stability. Also, if you spent money removing the criminal’s details and mugshots, chances are they’re still on another of his websites.

Paying for a website does not mean all search results for headshots and arrest records will be remove online. When a person is arrest (depending on the state), they can usually found in public records databases or on 5-10 websites.

Be sure to request a warranty policy from the person receiving the proposal.

Here at Erase Mugshots, we guarantee successful mugshot removal. We will cover for you. You pay a one-time fee. The mugshot will be delete. Then part ways while they keep a permanent watch on your name online.

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Removing Alternate Strategy

With decades of experience serving customers, reputation specialists have honed their craft on how to strategically combat negative online posts (such as mug shots). Being active online is always important.

Don’t wait until something happens before you act. Learn how to use Erase Mugshots to build your safety net and remove yourself from

Four ways to unsubscribe from

1. Eliminate Google Issues Under Your Control

Start by dealing with things that are under your control and can be delete. This is the first idea to keep in mind as you work to improve your online presence if you can’t delete your mugshot.

Then thoroughly audit yourself on all major search engines (Google, Bing, and Yahoo). Next, delete any posts you moderate that may affect your reputation. These could be embarrassing photos and posts from your college days that remain on your social media profiles.

2. Publish Positive Information About Yourself

Then you can focus on posting as much positive information about yourself as possible. I’m trying to remove or suppress content and need to purchase a large amount of content and publish it for several months.

Your reputation management efforts must be accurate and tied to your desired end goal. Focus on positively promoting yourself. You will see things change as time goes on. Slow but safe.

3. Create Your Website

Once you’ve established a solid foundation for your profile, you can focus on creating your custom website. To protect your reputation from what is consider “harmful,” you need to create highlight content.

4. Constantly Monitor Your Online Reputation

Developing definitive and relevant Information is an ongoing process, but you should also monitor your online reputation by tracking changes in search arrest record results on Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

In addition to keeping an eye on development progress and removal/removal of mugshots from, other negatives should be note. Therefore, be sure to monitor and verify your search results regularly. State (Remove Georgia)

Also, consider the specific states available in the database.

This interface only shows data for certain states that post mug shots online.

Instead of defending the public’s right to Information or invoking the Freedom of Information Act, argues that violating these rulings cannot be prosecute.

If you come across a mugshot on a mugshot site, we encourage you to register for a removal service as soon as possible.

Learn how to remove it from and other mugshot sites correctly. Take a holistic approach to your brand and showcase your assets with your managed profiles.


How Do I Delete a Mugshot?

Unfortunately, you cannot opt-out of alone. In many states, mugshots and arrest reports are consider public records. Therefore, they are available on the web.

However, you can always try emailing the owners directly ( The odds are slim when it comes to running in your favour.

Here at Erase Mugshots, we encourage you to focus your energies on creating a strong online personal brand that encompasses your achievements and curbs negative images.

How do I disable headshot comments on

Unfortunately, you can’t interact with comments directly from the site. We encourage you not to interact with other users in this discussion section.

Alternatively, we encourage you to focus on managing your social networks and the Information you control. Stop wasting time trying to win a losing battle and start posting!

Why Is My Mugshot Showing Up on Multiple Sites?

Mugshot publishing websites, such as, collect data from government databases that publish Information considered public records.

So even if you remove your headshot, other sites may have posted your Information.

We like to call this a ridiculous situation, so it’s best to seek professional help. The last thing you want to do is go after your tail and find another mugshot over and over.

How Long Before My Mugshot Disappears?

Unfortunately, criminal records and mugshots don’t go away on their own.

However, as your online reputation grows, you’ll find that the information you manage starts ranking on Google. Remember that this is your goal as you learn to remove yourself from The lower the ranking, the less likely someone will see it.

Headshots won’t go away forever, but over time they will show more positive and relevant Information.

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