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Best Digital Marketing Practices – 6 Digital Marketing Practices

best digital marketing practices

Best Digital Marketing Practices

Best Digital Marketing Practices: Marketing is nothing new; it has been around for hundreds of years. But in the last decade, almost every business has started investing in digital marketing.

6 Best Digital Marketing Practices

1. Identify the target audience

2. Develop a content marketing strategy

3. Create relevant content

4. Incorporate SEO tactics

5. Try omnichannel marketing

Higher Engagement: Using a single channel engagement in an automation workflow achieved an engagement rate of only 5.4%, while the use of 3 or more channels obtained a participation rate of 18.96%.

Higher frequency of purchase: it was also found that when customers interacted with 3 or more channels, they bought 250% more frequently.

The Higher average order value: When customers interact with campaigns that have 3 or more channels, they are likely to spend 13% more on average.

Higher customer retention rates: Buyers who engaged with 3 or more channels were 90% more likely to be repeat customers.

6. Use accurate data

Did you know that around 20-30% of email addresses have become stale in just one year?

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