– Compare the trend of the global ranking of in the last three months against or deepen the order of in its category or country against Ranking

Website ranking helps assess the value of a business. However, in the last three months, the global ranking has decreased from 20,891 to 440,140.

Traffic and Engagement had more total visits than in August 2022.

It reveals how well a website meets visitors’ expectations and captures their interest. traffic is down 79.42% compared to last month.
(On desktop and mobile worldwide) vs. trusted brokersdeforex.com_ ranking comparison (1)

3 Tips to Growth Your Site’s Traffic and Engagement

Imagine that you are opening an equestrian camp for equestrian enthusiasts. How can I get more campers to join me? This is not your typical business, so you wouldn’t expect success to depend on his website traffic. However, all businesses either grow or die depending on the popularity of their website. To be successful, an equestrian camp website must attract and engage visitors.

Whether a blogger or a commercial owner, creating valuable content for your visitors is a must, but it’s only the first step. If you want your efforts to be rewarded with tangible results, you need to find ways to put compelling content in front of your ideal audience members to keep them coming back.

So how do you start? There are several ways to promote your content, such as sharing your posts on social media channels and improving your site’s search engine optimization.

Boost your Traffic with Publicize

Our first tip is to share your content on social media as soon as it’s published. The latest equestrian trends posts don’t reach enough readers without sharing on social media channels.

However, manually sharing content whenever you publish a new post can be tedious, especially if you have a schedule in advance. But with Jetpack’s Publish feature, you can automatically share recent posts on your social media profiles when published.

To enable Publicize, go to Jetpack > Settings > Sharing and check the Automatically share posts to social networks option. Then connect and authorize each social media account.

With Publicize enabled, your latest posts will be published immediately on your social media channels. Now you can reach more audiences with little manual effort. In addition, those who read your post will

Growth Engagement with Sharing Options

Sharing your gratitude is excellent, but if you want to get even more traffic for your website, let your readers share their content with their followers. This is anywhere Jetpack’s sharing feature comes into play.

Jetpack’s sharing feature allows visitors to share content on their Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and LinkedIn feeds. You can also create custom share buttons and change the position of the share icon according to your needs.

Sharing allows website visitors to interact with you and your content, increasing engagement on your site. For example, if your site visitors have the option to share a blog post with your followers about the benefits of teaching kids to ride horses, they are more likely to remember and care about your business.

To enable the sharing feature, go to Settings > Sharing and turn on Add share buttons to posts. From here, you can choose the style of buttons you want to display and add or remove networks. You can also choose whether the button appears on posts, pages, products, or archives. vs. trusted brokersdeforex.com_ ranking comparison (2)

Recover your Search Engine Ranking with a few Optimizations

Search engine optimization (better recognized as SEO) helps search engines like Google index your posts and pages to comprehend your site better. Optimizing your site for advanced search engine rankings is vital if you want future fans to find you.

Creating quality content is the first destination in your quest for better SEO. Publishing and sharing relevant posts and pages to potential users increases the chances of your site appearing in search results with some basic SEO strategies. Some of his SEO strategies are easier to implement but still produce great results.

Geographic and country segmentation

Identifies the primary geographic location of a website’s audience over the last month. For example, the country that directs the most traffic to is the United States.

Traffic and Engagement Over the Past Month

Total visits 131.6K 75.3K
Change from last month 79.42% 31.02%
The average length of visits 00:01:44 00:00:45
Pages per visit 1.59 2.28
bounce rate 55.94% 42.10%

Traffic share by country: vs. versus the analysis of traffic by country shows that is the one that receives the most traffic from Spain.

Audience Demographics –

Audience composition can reveal a site’s current market share over various audiences. its audience is 58.54% male and 41.46% female. The prime age group of visitors is 25 – 34 years old. (on computers)

Comparison of the distribution by gender and age between visitors to and

Public Interest

Audience Interests reveals critical details about the browsing interests of visitors. vs. trusted brokersdeforex.com_ ranking comparison (3)

Competitors and Similar Sites

Discover your main competitors and find potential or emerging competitors. Its main competitor is Analyze the competitors

Marketing Channels Overview

Find out which digital marketing channels drive traffic to your website. receives traffic from direct (90.45%) and social (3.68%). “search” is a wasted channel. (on desktop devices, worldwide)

Keyword Search Traffic

See the list of the top organic keywords driving traffic to

How to Do Keyword Research for SEO: A Beginner’s Guide –

While Google keeps an eye out for every update to its ever-expanding algorithms, one thing remains relatively constant for inbound marketers looking to optimize their websites for search. It’s keyword research.

This post defines keyword research, why it is essential, how to research your SEO strategy, and how toward select the correct keywords for your website.

Show ad Traffic –

Analysis of the top publishers sending traffic to

Social Media Traffic

The main social networks driving traffic to are Youtube. Therefore, look for opportunities to increase audience participation through YouTube or other networks.

outgoing links

There are currently 0 websites receiving traffic from

Technological Components

These are the website technologies, by industry, used at There are a total of 1 technology from 1 different drive installed on

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