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Direct Sales – Types, Party Plan, and More

Direct Sales

Here, direct selling is the sale of products in a non-retail location, such as at home, online, or outside the store.

Remove intermediaries involved in distribution, such as wholesalers and regional distribution centres.

In its place, products are shipped directly from the manufacturer to the sales company. Here the representative or supplier, and lastly to the consumer.

What is direct selling?

Direct selling is generally associated with network marketing businesses and party plans. Nonetheless, they are not the only ones using direct selling.

Many B2B businesses use direct selling to mark and sell to their end customers. E.g., numerous companies that sell office supplies will send their councils directly to stores that use their services.

It is important to note that direct selling is not the same as direct marketing. In the first, individual distributors or representatives communicate with case customers directly. Temporarily, in the second case, a company now markets to customers.

Types of Direct Sales

Sometimes these direct selling methods are used in combination. They are not mutually exclusive.

1. Single-level direct sales

  • This type of direct sales is usually carried out face-to-face, for example, through door-to-door or one-on-one presentations. Still, it can also take place online.
  • As a result, sellers derive their income from sales from commissions and occasional bonuses from the company they obtain their products. They don’t recruit other sales reps to earn more income.

2. Organizer’s sales or party plan

  • This type of sales is done in groups. The primary method of generating leads is hosting a social event and offering products for sale.
  • Salespeople then use the gathering plan sales model as a foundation for future business by asking clienteles if they would like to host such sales parties.
  • They often host parties to sell products and find workers when they aren’t making individual sales.

3. Multilevel Marketing (MLM)

  • If you are a multilevel business marketer, your main focus is recruiting members, not the product itself.
  • What brands MLM diverse from other types of direct selling are that its income is based on sales commissions and sales earned by other business partners recruited into the company.
  • MLMs are popular with people who want to work from home, but participating can be risky due to high initial fees, hard-to-meet quotas, and recruitment-dependent pay.
  • As a result, most MLMs are generally not considering a good thing.

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