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Echo Studio – Design, 3D audio, Conclusion – 2023

echo studio

Echo Studio

But today, we bring you in Engadget the analysis of the latest and most ambitious advanced speaker of the family, the Amazon Echo Studio. If you’ve lost count of how many Amazon Echo speakers you can buy, you’re not alone.

Whether or not the Echo Studio earns the heading of best-sounding smart speaker on the market is up for debate. Still, I found the audio quality to be leaps and bounds above that of other smart speakers like the Echo Dot, and it’s also better than the HomePod Mini. If you want full stereo sound, pair two Echo Studio speakers in one room and add the Echo Sub for fuller audio.

The Echo Studio is relatively large, but I like it. The resulting sound quality from the five utterers packed into the device makes the size and price equally worth it. It’s built and engineered to rival some of the best speakers of its scope on the marketplace, and its performance shows that.


The Echo Studio smart speaker brings a cylinder-shaped design, like the third-generation Echo or the Echo Plus.

Although in this case with a larger size: 20.6 cm high x 17.5 cm diameter (8.1 x 6.8 inches).

It has a peculiar opening at the bottom, which aims to expand the bass’s sound.

Right down, there is the woofer. It is covered in acoustic fabric, like many other speakers, in black.

It is modern and discreet without looking like a luxury product. So taking it, it feels robust, as it weighs quite a lot: 3.5 kilos (7.7 pounds).

Very easy to configure:

3D audio? Depends

Echo Studio works with five speakers: three midranges, a tweeter (for treble) and a woofer (for bass).

They all steer the sound in a different direction to provide immersive audio.

And it supports Dolby Atmos, so it is ready to create the surround effect when connecting it to other devices.

With this equipment and a nominal power of 330 W, the sound does not disappoint even when you put it at maximum.

Although it feels less clean at this level, especially when you are next to the speaker.

However, you do not expect the best sound on the market for its price of 199.99 euros (in the United States, it is worth 199.99 dollars).

Connection with other devices:


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