Esha Gupta’s Tell-All Interview

Esha Gupta’s tell all talk on her boyfriend, who was recently down with a COVID-19 infection, feels blessed to be in the loving company of Manuel Campos Guallar in Spain.

In a candid conversation, the actress spills the beans on.

You’ve recently recovered from COVID-19. How are you feeling now?

  • I cannot complain because I’m in Spain. I’m happy that if I had to go through COVID, at least if I’m not with my family, I’m here with my partner Manuel.
  • So I’m getting all the love I need and all the support I need, and a happy and positive environment. I’m glad that I’m here because I’m no longer missing the Delhi winters.
  • It’s as cold as you can see. I’m still wearing layers. But it’s nice to be here.

How did you and Manuel meet?

  • We met a long time ago in 2019 in Rome. I don’t need to give so many details because that is a private part of my life.
  • Esha Gupta’s tell all talk on her boyfriend, I am very happy that I can appreciate and remember it, and I hope to have a story that I can tell my grandchildren.
  • However, we met in Rome, and it was really weird because I’m from India and he’s from Spain, and we met there because of his company, and he invited me to work. So I reflect it had a lot to do with trust.

What is Esha Gupta’s idea of romance?

  • I reason my idea of romance is really simple, like watching a movie together, just holding hands and doing little things together, even if it’s just going for a walk or being tired together too.
  • It’s just the little things that I reason about for my idea of romance because you realize that the romance that you see in movies when you’re young.
  • You grow up with that idea, but as you get older and mature, you’ll recognize that I don’t want a love like this, it’s too hectic.
  • He’s only good in the movies, but I think I’ve changed the little things that matter in real life, especially being with Manuel. I’ve learned a lot.
  • Likewise, our thought process is very different. It’s decent when it’s like this because you always get to know someone better than you.

How are you managing to be in Spain and yet managing your work in India?

  • Sure, that’s more hectic and stressful to be honest. Then luckily, my projects are just starting. My next project is in March in Mumbai. So I’m fine, to be honest. But it is a time when everything has gone digital.
  • We are promoting digitally, doing commercials photo shoots. Here just two days ago, I had a shoot for a Spanish brand, so I think the digital world is more pleasant.
  • Working from home has become (a blessing) for actors because when we’re not shooting, we’re doing commercials promos, and now everything goes virtual. So it’s good, even sitting here, I’m still working on something.

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