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Google WIFI Review – Design, Performance, and More

Google WIFI Review

Google WIFI Review

Google Wifi Review: It’s not the only product of its kind that offers wifi available (and there are minor alternatives, like power line extenders).

Still, it is conveniently one of the most comfortable and most efficient ways to create a consistently robust and easy-to-use network—access throughout your home.

What are the Settings?

The first step is to download the Google Wifi app for iPhone or Android from their respective app stores, then go through the process step by step:

How is the Design?

Unlike some fully-loaded, beastly antennae routers from Asus, D-Link, and Netgear, the Google Wifi system is designed to be as harmless as possible without being too dull to the eyes.

How are the Features and App?

In addition to simplifying setup, the Google Wifi app also makes managing your mesh network control almost stupidly simple. The application consists of three main screens.

Here the first is a Google Now-like card system that displays bits of important information.

It informs you of the network’s current condition, the latest speed test results, and any firmware update software installed.

Here the second screen shows you an overview of the network, including whether the Internet is connected, how many wifi products are online, and how many devices you have using the web.

Tapping the first will display your current usage and a breakdown of the automatic speed test results for the last few days.

From a specific time with the touch of a button on the screen. Directly on your phone through the application.

Follow the family wifi setup process and add particular devices to a group (or groups), preventing other devices (like yours) from being affected by any restrictions.

How is the Performance?

Here “We do the hard work, so you don’t have to,” is what Google claims on its Wifi product page.

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Review Google WIFI Review – Design, Performance, and More.

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