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Today we will tell you good things about : health-benefits-of-an-earthen-pot, is a good health site, and it gives complete information about eating healthy food, how to keep fit, how to keep yourself active with a positive attitude and many more.

With the advent of modern technology, pottery has taken a backseat, but they still hold a special place in homes because of its health benefits and eco-friendly nature. However, here are the benefits of drinking water in an earthen pot and cooking food in it. You will get complete information here in the article.

A few days ago, post an article name : health-benefits-of-an-earthen-pot to venture beat blog inspired by him after reading many articles today trying to give you the good things and what is right will try to give you.

Let’s dive into these incredible benefits that will compel you to switch to an earthen pot immediately.

However, is an informative site for Ayurveda, Home remedies, Beauty, health and fitness-related site. posted an article : health-benefits-of-an-earthen-pot, which told many important things about fitness, like the benefits of drinking water and cooking in an earthen pot.

What are the Benefits of Drinking and Cooking Water : health-benefits-of-an-earthen-pot

Drinking water or cooking from an earthen pot has potential health advantages. This ancient custom is not only a time-honoured substitute for steel, plastic, or other containers, but it is also a beneficial and healthful habit to acquire.

Earthen pots were used to cool water when refrigerators were not commonly utilised because they assisted in the natural cooling of the water.

Cooking with a clay pot is advised by Ayurveda due to its many health advantages. Dr Surya Bhagwati, an Ayurveda specialist at Dr Vaidya’s, claims that cooking in a clay pot not only has many health advantages but also facilitates a more straightforward cooking process and, as a result, results in a more tasty and wholesome dish. In addition to its many health advantages, cooking with a clay pot is far superior to cooking with regular utensils because it is considerably easier and results in better-quality meals. Clay pots retain heat and moisture because of the porosity and inherent insulation that clay possesses. As a result, cooking with a clay pot takes much longer, but it also has the added virtue of preventing inexperienced cooks from scorching their food.

More importantly, compared to cooking with metal or enamel-lined utensils, cooking in clay pots results in significantly lower moisture and nutrient loss.

The one thing that unglazed earthenware doesn’t do—leach dangerous metals into your food—is the most compelling argument in favour of starting to cook in them.

Harmful Health Effects of Refrigerator Water

Surahi used to be useful in the eras before refrigerators were commonly used. These earthenware containers used as both water storage and natural water cooling devices. This traditional practise is often a beneficial one to convert to and implement. Here are a few justifications for drinking water from a surahi this summer.

6 Health Benefits of Drinking Earthen Pot Water:

1. Natural cooling properties

Water naturally cools down when it is kept in an earthen container. The earthen pot has a few tiny holes on its surface, and water swiftly evaporates from them. Evaporation, which is how earthen pots function, aids in chilling the water.

No other container can chill water slowly, like the clay pot, because it is porous.

2. Alkaline in Nature

The soil is alkaline in nature, but the human body is acidic. Most of the food we consume turns sour in the body and releases pollutants. Since the soil is naturally alkaline, it interacts with acidic foods and maintains a stable PH level. It is why drinking water from an earthen pot helps prevent acid reflux and gastrointestinal issues.

3. Increases Metabolism

Water kept in plastic bottles includes dangerous substances, including bisphenol A, or BPA, which are harmful to the body in numerous ways.

Drinking water from an earthen pot daily can increase metabolism since the water is free of all chemicals when stored in the pot. Due to the minerals in the water, it can also aid digestion.

4. Protects from Sunstrokes

Summertime is when heat stroke is most prevalent. Drinking water from earthen pots can help prevent heat stroke since they hold onto the water’s valuable minerals and nutrients and promote rapid rehydration, which will also give your body a refreshing cooling effect.

5. Protects from Diseases, Soft on the Throat

The cold water from the fridge can make you cough and get out. The water in the clay pot is at the perfect temperature. That is gentle on the throat. Additionally does not make a chronic cough worse. Itching and throat impatience might result from drinking cold water straight from the refrigerator. Earthen pot water, on the other hand, is the perfect temperature—it is comforting to the throat and won’t make someone cough.

6. Natural purifier

Earthen pots can be used to organically cleanse water in addition to cooling it. The water is rationally safe to drink because of the water’s porous microtexture, which traps contaminants.

Therefore, acquire your earthen clay pot immediately and enjoy the numerous health advantages of storing and drinking water from one.

6 Health Benefits of Cooking Earthen Pot Food:

1. Maintains the nutritive value

Earthen pots’ slow cooking allows moisture and heat to permeate the food, maintaining the food’s nutritional value. Particularly when cooking meats, thermal inertia aids in the complete breakdown of collagen and the denaturant of muscle proteins, keeping the heart soft for a longer time. It usually disappears in metal kitchenware.

2. Make the pH level Neutral.

Earthen pots are naturally alkaline, which interacts with the acidity of the meal to balance the pH and make it healthier.

3. Reduce the use of Oil

Vegetables, for example, can be simmered with little Oil because they are heat-resistant. Earthenware pots preserve the Oil and add moisture to food, preventing the need for extra fat to enhance flavour.


4. Increase in Nutrition

According to legend, food cooked in Earthen pots contains a variety of vital elements that are incredibly healthy for our bodies, including calcium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium, and sulphur.

5. Add a Taste of the Soil

After cooking in an earthen pot, your meal will have an unrivalled aroma.

6. Economical

Earthen pots are inexpensive and easy on the wallet. Additionally, by purchasing one, you unintentionally assist a family financially, as the practice of cooking in clay pots is on the verge of extinction.

How to Care for Your Earthen Pot

To Use these straightforward suggestions to get the most out of your clay pot:

  1. Before using your pot for the first time, season it by soaking it in water for a few hours. It will aid in plugging pores and stop water leaks.
  2. Cleaning routine Every few days, wash the pot with a gentle detergent and soft brush to keep it hygienic.
  3. Store in a dry, cold environment: Keep the pot in a space with good ventilation so that sufficient evaporation and cooling can occur.

Now that you know some excellent health benefits of drinking water or cooking from an earthen pot, it is time to adopt this traditional method and experience the difference for yourself. Make the switch today and join the earthen pot revolution for a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle!

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