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Instagram – How to Choose the Perfect Instagram Profile Picture?

How to Choose the Photo for the Instagram Profile?

Instagram – The aspect ratio of images on Instagram is square (1:1 ratio), although there are apps that allow you to upload images to Instagram that are not square. Being the format of the images in this proportion, we suggest that when choosing your Instagram profile photo, you take into account some tips offered by the All Instagram page:

1. The Subject must be in the Middle of the Image

In traditional photography, the first lesson would be never to centre your subject in the frame. But by centring the issue in an image with a 1:1 ratio, we give it more punch and draw attention.

2. Screen Size should be Considered

It is an exercise that is not customarily done: thinking about how other people will see the photo. But for Instagram, it is an essential element to keep in mind since the size of the screen will be the size of a smartphone screen. Therefore, we must close the frame, even if we lose the information about what is in the environment, to focus on the objective of what we want to show.

3. Consider the Rule of Thirds

It is a well-known and essential photographic composition technique to consider when choosing photos for an Instagram profile.

4. Symmetry of Values

In images with a 1:1 aspect ratio, symmetry can increase the aesthetic beauty of the image and further strengthen the focus on the main object.

5. Value the Diagonals

In 1:1 ratio images, diagonals emphasise the subjects in the image. To use diagonals, place the main objects on the same imaginary line that goes from one corner of the image to the opposite corner

6. Induce the Gaze towards the Main Subject

Direct the eye of the person looking at the photo to the main topic and use the lines of the frame. With it, the image will have more strength and aesthetics.

7. Less is More

It’s easier to get a good image when the frame is not cluttered but clean. Filling the frame with objects will not allow the image to be seen clearly.

8. Use the Panorama Mode

Therefore, a good strategy is to shoot in panorama mode and convert the image to a square format with cropping capabilities. With this, you will have more freedom to obtain the final image, and you will always be able to correct errors in the picture.

9. Remember to Choose Images with the Sizes Previously Selected by Instagram

Therefore, for the profile photo, the recommendation is an image size of 100 × 100, a minimum of 110 × 110, and a screen of 28 × 28. For thumbnail images, the recommendation is 291 widescreen. And for square images, the request is 1080×1080, screen: 600×600.

How to Change your Instagram Profile Picture?

Here are steps to change your profile picture and how to display it in large format.
To change your profile picture: Instagram
1. Open the Instagram app.
2. Go to the Profile option.
3. Access the Menu option.
4. Select the Account option.
5. Select the Change profile picture option.
6. Choose one of the available options: import from Twitter, choose a library, take a photo, import from Facebook, and delete the current photo.

Instagram – To view your Friend’s Profile Photo in Full Size:

1. Download the Insta Big Profile Photos app.
2. Enter your contact’s name in the app’s search bar.
3. Show your contact’s profile picture in large format.
4. Select the option: save the photo to your gallery, share the photo or ignore it.

List of Effective Ways to Create a Beautiful Instagram Profile Picture Easily.

Basic Requirements for IG Profile Picture

Create a fantastic Instagram profile picture for free
People will first see your profile picture when they visit your account. It is one of the reasons why it is essential to meet the requirements to create a profile picture. Thus, these visitors will get a good impression of your account by doing this.

Basic Requirements – Instagram

The size of the photo must be 180 x 180 pixels. (This allows for a good quality image on the web and mobile devices.)
JPG, GIF or PNG format
show your face
sharp image

How to make a Good Profile Picture on Instagram (Tips and Tricks)?

Trying to make a good impression on someone who has visited your account is a lot of pressure. The first reaction, whether sympathetic or not. For this reason, you should consider learning the strategies in terms of creating profile pictures. These elements are:

Have a Simple Background

The background plays a vital role in the whole photo, and you can emphasize the main subject of the image and make it clean and crisp.

The Ideal Angle

Finding the perfect angle is also essential for making an Instagram profile picture even more appealing. Before taking a picture, practise smiling in front of the mirror. Not to mention that it’s free since mirrors are available inside your home. Thus this way, you can learn which angle is right for you.

Adequate lighting

Whether the lighting is natural or artificial, it adds an extra touch to your profile picture. Another free tip is to provide natural lighting from just sunlight. Although artificial lighting is related to a material you must buy online, it is still helpful and an alternative to natural light.

Edit your Photo

Capturing a near-perfect photo is inevitable, so it needs to be touched up after a photoshoot. A profile picture on Instagram sometimes requires an editing process after it is taken. For example, adjust the brightness and contrast to look friendly and professional.

How to Make a Great Instagram Profile Picture on the Phone?

Now that you have all the tips and tricks you can check out, here’s an app that sums up everything you need. Apowersoft Background Eraser is a proper application that every user is looking for, and it offers built-in and ready-to-use profile templates.

The following steps to create a good Instagram profile picture are simple. Check them out below:
Once installed, open the app and tap on the “Crop Portrait” tab to import the photo.
Therefore, this application will present you with a transparent result.

Then tap “Background” and choose “Profile” to select the theme you like for your profile picture.
If you are already satisfied with the outcome, press the “Save without watermark” button to save it to your device.


Therefore, an Instagram profile picture serves to represent and identify your business quickly. It’s the first impression your customers have of you, and it draws attention to your profile and content. Therefore, it is essential to put a professional profile picture which represents your company and follows the guidelines of Instagram.

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