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What is Intel Vaunt? – Technical Specifications, Features, Price, and More

intel vaunt

Intel Vaunt

Intel Vaunt is the name of Intel’s connected augmented reality (AR) glasses. These smart glasses are distinguished by their appearance, similar to ordinary glasses.

Find out everything you need to know about the Intel Vaunt: price, release date, technical sheet, features, comparison with the competition.

What are the technical specifications, and how does it work?

Like all augmented reality glasses, Intel Vaunt displays virtual elements (images, texts) directly in front of the wearer’s eye.

The Vaunts will connect to Android or iOS smartphones:

What are the structures of augmented reality glasses?

The situation should be noted that the Intel Vaunt AR glasses are still in development. As an effect, Intel has yet to reveal the details of its smart glasses.

These AR glasses can simplify the user’s life and access functions without using their hands.

E.g., while cooking, it would be possible to summon the Amazon Alexa voice assistant (thanks to a built-in microphone) to ask it to display a cooking recipe.

But these apps are likely to run on smartphones and connected objects and not directly on glasses.

Price and release date:

The developer of Intel Vaunt. It will allow developers to experiment with the device to create third-party applications. However, Intel does not give a specific date at the moment.

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