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Keyword Stuffing – Keyword Stuffing in Terms of SEO and More

Keyword Stuffing

Keyword Stuffing

Keyword stuffing, known in English as “Keyword Stuffing” is an unethical search engine optimization strategy.

A web page is overloaded with as many keywords as possible with the intention of increasing its search engine ranking.

What is keyword stuffing?

While stuffing was undoubtedly a useful technique in the early days of SEO, it almost certainly results in a penalty from Google.

Technique included:

Is that considered keyword stuffing in terms of SEO?

Stuffing is when you intentionally and unnaturally placing keywords in your content to manipulate search engine rankings.

What are the dangers of using keyword stuffing?

As we have already mentioned, the use of this technique can result in a penalty from Google. For e-commerce or another website.

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