Married at First Sight Season 10 – Lifetime’s Married at First Sight brought to American TV what is widely practised in many cultures of the world: marrying total strangers after a third party matches them based on specific traits.

The show brought forth the drama and pitfalls of marrying a total stranger, and it became notorious for having most of the marriages performed at the beginning of the play fail. But from the midst of the sea of incompatible and bickering couples, a lucky few made it to safety ashore, proving that marrying well-matched total strangers isn’t an exercise in futility. Compared to other dating/romance reality shows, MAFS helps these couples have a fighting chance by giving them access to professional marriage counselling and pairing people based in the same city.

Are ‘MAFS’ Stars Derek Sherman & Katie Conrad Still Together?

This couple fused quickly, but the spark faded just as quickly. Katie was concerned when she learned that Derek had never been in love with her. Derek was a visionary, while Katie was a realist. She wanted her MAFS husband to be more realistic and work to increase her maturity level, so she would like to stay with the MAFS star. Derek sensed that Katie would criticize him for not living up to his expectations, which left him feeling without support from her spouse. In the end, neither of them wanted to give up on their relationship, which had potential, so they stayed together and signed a one-year lease. Ultimately, the couple decided to part ways after filming ended, but they tried to make it work.

Are 'MAFS' Stars Derek Sherman & Katie Conrad Still Together

Are ‘MAFS’ Stars Jessica Studer & Austin Studer Still Together?

Of all the couples on Married at First Sight Season 10, Jessica Studer and Austin Studer had the smoothest relationship. The two reality stars seemed pretty compatible right off the bat. The Married at First Sight Season stars agreed to take their time acclimating to each other and married life. However, stress entered the relationship as Jessica began her daily cleansing rituals, and Austin’s approach was a bit more laid back—meaning messy. Austin’s work schedule included a lot of travel, which seemed to be a silent blessing, given Jessica’s quirky, neat ways. However, tensions flared when she did not realize that he would be travelling on business for more than half the month. After those issues were resolved, Jessica could open up and tell Austin that she loved him.

She returned the sentiment before the day of the engagement arrived, and they stayed together. The couple has a son, Westin, who turned one in 2022.

Are 'MAFS' Stars Jessica Studer & Austin Studer Still Together

Are ‘MAFS’ Stars Meka Jones and Michael Wilson Still Together?

This couple started well, with things going in the right direction, but Meka, worried about life after MAFS, slowly discovered many lies that Michael had told her. She confronted him on that issue and later claimed she couldn’t trust him anymore. Michael was afraid to open up to Meka, which caused Michael to withdraw a bit expressively. When Meka wasn’t heartening enough for Michael as he mourned the death of a family member. Her eventual breakup seemed inevitable. On the day of the decision, Meka said: “There has been too much deceit… I still don’t feel like I see who my husband is.” Inappropriately, this couple didn’t cut.

Are 'MAFS' Stars Meka Jones and Michael Wilson Still Together

Are ‘MAFS’ Stars Taylor Dunklin and Brandon Reid Still Together?

The Married at First Sight couple seemed doomed from the start. Unfortunately, MAFS’s Brandon had trouble keeping his temper in check. He exploited his new wife, the other couples and even the production team, and this happened on his honeymoon. Taylor took to social media to complain, and Brandon disagreed with his social outpouring. The two parted ways but eventually reconciled. However, Brandon Reid soon lost his temper again, and his anger was direct towards Taylor and the production team. The experts on the show tried to advise him, but they couldn’t seem to get through to him due to his bad attitude.

Are 'MAFS' Stars Taylor Dunklin and Brandon Reid Still Together_

On decision day, Brandon Reid and Taylor showed up, and Taylor filed for divorce. Brandon Reid got up from his chair and walked out, muttering, “I’m over all this.” The couple has remained separate, and in 2022, Taylor had a new boyfriend.

Are ‘MAFS’ Stars Mindy Shiben and Zach Justice Still Together?

Are 'MAFS' Stars Mindy Shiben and Zach Justice Still Together

It is a marriage that might as well have never happened. From the beginning, Zach Justice was not willing to fully commit to the relationship. He didn’t move in with Mindy Shiben after they said her wedding vows, and he refused to spend any time off-camera with her. Eventually, Mindy discovered Zach’s lack of commitment and betrayal. She stumbled upon secret phone calls and text messages that he sent to her best friend. This mismatch Married at First Sight Season 10 pairing was doomed and did not make it to Decision Day. Viewers of Married at First Sight wonder if Zach went on the show to get famous.