Minecraft 1.17.10 Apk is the recently released update of Minecraft. The team has been working hard on gameplay improvements since the release of caves and cliffs, part I. we have also introduced some fun new additions, Like some caves and cliffs part II features as part of experimental gameplay. Minecraft is part of the caves and cliffs update. So, you can download Minecraft 1.17.10 Apk.

Everything you know Minecraft 1.17.10 Apk It’s a major Mojang update released a few days ago. Now Mojang is trying to solve the bugs and errors in a future update. The recent part of caves and cliffs features adorable axolotls, mischievous goats, and mystical glow squids are added. All you know is that Minecraft is available on all platforms like Xbox, Playstation, Windows, and Android. Minecraft has many editions, such as Pocket Edition and Bedrock Edition, mainly for Android and ios devices. And java edition for windows and Mac etc. If you want to download Minecraft 1.17.10 Apk for Android

Minecraft 1.17.10 Apk – What’s interesting?

Developers from Mojang studios have released the Minecraft PE 1.17.10 Apk caves and Cliffs update. There are some interesting new features in this update. For example, a new Material has appeared in the underworld it’s not easy to get. Amethyst also, The developers have Worked on fixing bugs.

Main New Features — Is There Something Notable?

Meet another Minecraft 1.17.10 Apk Caves & Cliffs update from the programmers of Mojang Studio. The renovation provides the players with plenty of various things. Indeed, the items will help you in your adventures across the reworked sandbox.

New features contain a spyglass, a new material — Amethyst, etc. In addition, the game now has new craft recipes that widen the game experience.

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Explore the underground as a treasure hunter in the new significant revamps of the game. Previously, only diamonds and emeralds could be mined in the earth’s bowels, but there is another player on the team called Amethyst. You can run into him in certain places in the game world.


Minecraft PE 1.17.10 Apk allows players to follow what is happening from a distance thanks to the new telescope. You need to use 2 Copper Ingots and 1 Amethyst Shard to craft this item.

Spyglass has its usage animation that appears when playing in third-person mode. When used, a blue square will appear in the zoomed view. This is similar to the effect of using a carved pumpkin.

Tinted Glass

A handy gadget for a revamped bucket toilet. Glass is used to create traps and structures. A feature of this product is its ability to transmit light in only one direction. In this improved MCPE, the player can notice enemies without colliding with items.

New Engine

New visuals and graphics await you in this new release of the game. By the way, there is an inconspicuous inscription at the top of the screen with the engine name “Render Dragon”. This revamp improves Minecraft optimization and provides new tools for creators.

Minecraft 1.17.10 Apk New Features:

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  • Candles are now available in the game!
  • Arranged in groups of up to 4, lightweight in flint & steel
  • Light a candle on the cake and make a wish!
  • Candles can be made from honeycomb and string.
  • Combine with dyes in craft grids to create different coloured candles.

Potted Azaleas

  • I added potted azalea and blooming azalea variations.
  • Just put the azalea in the pot!

Realms World Slots

  • Added 3 world cargo slots to each Realm subscription
  • Only one world can be lively at a time. Realm owners can switch the realm’s busy world between the three world slots.

Experimental Gameplay:

Caves & Cliffs: Part II experimental features are now available in this update and can be enabled in the world creation screen!

These features are a work in progress, still under development and subject to change. Enabling them can cause crashes, broken worlds, or non-functioning in future updates. Experimental features cannot be disable after the world is create.

  • World height increased to 320 blocks and decreased to -64 blocks
  • New surface biomes, including Lofty Peaks, Snow Capped Peaks, Snowy Slopes, Mountain Grove and Mountain Meadow
  • New cave biomes, including Lush Caverns and Dripstone Caverns
  • Revamped cave generation adds cheese cave, spaghetti cave, lava aquifer, and flooded aquifer cave
  • New ore distribution
  • stalker sensor
  • goat horn


Where do I get a bundle from in MCPE 1.17?

They are crafte from rabbit hides and one string.

Where should I seek Amethyst Geodes?

They spawn everywhere.

How do I craft a Candle?

Take a honeycomb and one string.

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