Norka Roots – Introducing

Norka Roots – A relief scheme aimed at providing time-bound financial support to Parvas who have returned to their hometowns. This scheme can use for:

The purpose of Norka Roots’ involvement in the recruitment process is to ensure safe immigration for international job seekers. hailed as a significant deterrent to

Norka-Roots Certificate Certification Centre (Thiruvananthapuram, Ernakulam, Kozhikode). Certificate authentication. 3 certification centres

 FAQs Question for Norka Roots

1. How do I register for Norka Roots?

You can register on the portal by filling out a simple form with your details, such as name, email id, phone number, and date of birth, and creating a username and password to use the service.

2. What are Norka Roots?

The Norka Roots Field Agency, known as Norka Roots, was established in 2002 and served as an interface between the Non-Resident Keralites (NRK) and the Kerala Government. It also serves as a forum to address NRK issues, protect their rights, and rehabilitate returnees.

3. What is Pravasi’s Id (Norka Roots ID)?

Pravasi ID Card is a one-stop for non-resident Keralites to connect with the Kerala State Government. This multi-purpose photo ID card entitles all NRKs to use all services and facilities offered by Norka Roots now and in the future.

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4. What are the benefits of the Pravasi ID card?

PRAVASI ID card comes with additional personal accident insurance up to Rs. 40,000 rupees. The card is valid for three years.

5. What is Norka Roots Pravasi Student ID?

As per government advice during covID-19, all students studying abroad or obtaining admission to pursue higher education must enroll with Norka Roots for various purposes. That is how the Norka Roots student ID card was born. The same insurance covers cardholders as the PRAVSI ID card.

6. What is the eligibility for reaching an ID card from Norka Roots?

  • You must have reached the age of 18.
  • It would help if you were a PRAVSI with a valid passport and visa for at least six months and living or working abroad.
  • Its Students who are already abroad.

7. What is the validity of the Pravasi ID Card?

The Pravasi ID card is valid for three years and can renew.

8. How much is the registration fee for Norka Roots Pravasi ID / Student ID?

The registration fee is Rs 315 per card (3 years).

9. How do I renew a NorkaRoots Pravasi ID/Student ID?

You can apply for renewal three months earlier than the expiration date. You must submit a copy of the prescribed documents and the renewal fee.

10. How to get Norka Roots Pravasi ID card?

After registering and logging into the portal, you can apply for an ID card by entering the required details, uploading the relevant documents, paying the required fees, and applying for an ID card at the time of final shipment.

Norka Roots Contact Numbers And Application Form

So, Norka Roots’ contact numbers and application form. The NORKA division guarantees non-Keralite well-being. NORKA Division was established in 1996 and is managed by the Government of Kerala. NORKA helps non-Keralite in many ways. But, They identify and solve NRK problems, defend their rights, and rehabilitate returnees. But, NORKA will be formed for the first time in Kerala. NORKA will be assisted in maintaining the relationship between the Kerala Government and NRK.

NORKA Roots will be NORKA’s local agent. So, NORKA ROOTS he formed in 2002. NORKA ROOTS will act as an interface between NRK and the Government of Kerala. So, NORKA Roots guarantees the welfare of NRK. NORKA Roots is everything between you and your hometown. NORKA Roots also do the hiring. By hiring through NORKA Roots, you can avoid recruitment agencies.

What is NORKA Verification, & What is its Procedure?

The Non-Resident Keralites Office, commonly known as NORKA, is a department of the Government of Kerala. December 6, 1996, was the day he established the NORKA division to investigate and solve the problem of uninhabited Keralite. So, NORKA is an association introduced by the Government of Kerala which works to assist the resident and non-resident Keralites in India and abroad.

NORKA-ROOTS works for the welfare of Keralite. NORKA is a critical department that certifies certificates and recruits Keralyte as nurses and domestic workers in the Gulf States and Europe. The association also helps find missing Keralite abroad and in India. NORKA officials are, among other things, tracking down Keralyte missing outside of India.

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What is NORKA Attestation?

NORKA’s primary purpose is to care for Keralites living in India and abroad. So, NORKA is a divisional company responsible for implementing all government plans. In addition, they also certify education certificates issued by the Government of Kerala.

But, For educational documents, we typically request HRD certification. NORKA accreditation is a kind of HRD accreditation for educational documents approved by the Government of Kerala to be used abroad.

NORKA certification is proof of the authenticity of a document.

What is the Procedure for Norka Attestation?

To obtain a Certificate of Authenticity, please complete the online application. Applicants can choose to certify offline, but the online mode saves them time. All data must enter correctly in the form.

So, After completing the proof form for your NORKA certificate, submit the form to the NORKA department along with your original passport and all education-related documents.

Finally, NORKA certifies educational certificates. Again, applicants can pick up the documents at the NORKA Center.

When NORKA issues a certificate to an educational document, the Indian MEA and the destination country’s embassy authenticate the certificate and certify that the document is genuine.

What is the Cost & Duration of Norka Attestation?

The cost and duration of NORKA certification depend on the documents that must be certified. But, the Indian MEA, and your country’s foreign embassy. In addition to this, the method of applying for NORKA accreditation also affects cost and duration. For example, the expert charges for prompt and reliable assistance when using her NORKA certification services through an agency.

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What is the Role of Norka Roots?

NORKA is the designated agency for the certification of educational documents made in Kerala. In addition, we carry out welfare programs for Keralites living in Japan and abroad. It also provides additional assistance to Keralyte in an emergency.

The Immigration Protection Commissioner has approved NORKA Roots to operate as a recruitment agency abroad. So, NORKA’s other functions include tracking missing Keralites abroad, evacuating Keralites from conflict areas, and transporting them to India.

So, Overseas Recruitment is one of the functions that NORKA offers its Keralites. However, For over 20 years, NORKA has been helping Keralite find suitable jobs abroad.

But, He has three of his NORKA branches in Thiruvananthapuram, Ernakulam and Kozhikode. NORKA does not have branches in any other state of India.

However, The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MEA) has approved NORKA’s overseas Recruitment in all 18 ECR member states, including Afghanistan, Indonesia, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Malaysia, Sudan, South Sudan, Syria, Thailand, and Yemen.

Is Norka Registration Compulsory?

So, Keralites must register their names with the Keralite Non-Resident Authority (NORKA) to return to their homeland from other states of India or abroad.

What are the Services Provided by NORKA?

However, The State of Kerala has initiated this sector to assist Keralites residing in any state of India or Kerala ex-pats. Tatter Tatter

  • Pravasi Renewal ID Card
  • Pravasi ID/Pravasi Raksha Insurance Policy
  • Student card
  • NRK insurance card (within India)
  • job
  • skills and training
  • Recruitment
  • certificate proof

Apart from these services, the division runs competing schemes such as ndprem and santhwana to meet Keralite needs. Increase

What are the Major Objectives of NORKA?

NORKA’s primary motivation is to help Keralite people to deal with their problems, problems, and anxieties while working, studying, or living in another state or abroad.

  • The welfare of NRK (Non-resident Keralite).
  • Please take care of NRK people and parents
  • Spread awareness about the Malayalam language and culture.
  • Organize exchange programs between natives and Keralites established abroad.
  • Raising awareness of regional development through active participation of NRK
  • Developing and maintaining the NRK social safety net
  • Provide funds to help NRK in need.
  • Hold NRK’s annual conference
  • Please help NRK return to Kerala.
  • provide employment
  • Employment support for job seekers
  • Education to improve the skills of job seekers
  • NRK Data Bank
  • Aid in investing in the country
  • protect people from illegal employment

Is NORKA Attestation Necessary for UAE?

NORKA certification stamps on documents are only required when using registration in Saudi Arabia. So, Traveling to the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, and Oman does not require NORKA authorization.


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