In today’s corporate world, online communication tools like MS outlook are vital. Millions around the globe love this product. But sometimes, it shows technical errors like pii_email_0d6a0a36cca1a3f5ba73, which indicates the bad health of your information management software system.

Today we will talk about one of the most common MS Outlook errors. It’s called pii_email_0d6a0a36cca1a3f5ba73 Error Code.

If you are a constant user of Microsoft Outlook, you may have experienced [pii_email_0d6a0a36cca1a3f5ba73] Errors during your use. This article will provide a list of solutions to such error issues and smoothly use Microsoft Outlook for your home and office work. But let us first discuss what the Error is and when it comes up.

Here in this post, we will try to help you with possible solutions to this particular Error on your screen.


This Error must be corrected because it stops you from accessing and sending emails to any person or group.

So, without taking any more time, let’s start with a quick fix for this Error.

What is Microsoft Outlook?

So, Microsoft Outlook or MS Outlook is an email ability that comes under the MS Office Suite Package. It looks after your email administration offering faster email connectivity and communication mode. So, whenever you fix MS Office, you get the MS Outlook facility by default.

Moreover, you can easily integrate MS Outlook into your PC, laptop, Android smartphone, and Windows mobile. The essential advantage of using MS Outlook is instantly sending and receiving emails without logging on to your email ids separately.

So, even offline, you can quickly get an email alert by integrating MS Outlook into your device and PC. Sometimes, users notice a sudden [pii_email_0d6a0a36cca1a3f5ba73] Error on their screens.

What is Microsoft Outlook

What is this [pii_email_0d6a0a36cca1a3f5ba73] Error?

This error code means something is wrong with your computer with Microsoft office applications. And this Error is something that needs to be fixed immediately.

These kinds of Errors can come and go anytime on your computer screen, and that’s why you need to take action against these problems.

When this [pii_email_0d6a0a36cca1a3f5ba73] error occurs on your computer, the problem is with Microsoft Outlook and its sending-receiving emails.

The [pii_email_0d6a0a36cca1a3f5ba73] Error key is difficult to track. You don’t want to look too deep into its practical aspect. However, you can focus on other solutions to permanently fix this issue.

Now, let’s see why this particular Error occurs on your pc. And also find the possible solutions to fix this Error.

What is this pii_email_0d6a0a36cca1a3f5ba73 Error_

Reasons behind [pii_email_0d6a0a36cca1a3f5ba73] Error?

There can be many reasons why the [pii_email_0d6a0a36cca1a3f5ba73] Error code occurs, but we will discuss the topmost of them in this article. However, tracking the actual reason for these reasons is a bit difficult. Below are the prime reasons.

The possible reasons behind this [pii_email_0d6a0a36cca1a3f5ba73] Particular Error are as follows –

  • Corrupted files or applications that you have downloaded or in the update process can cause this Error in your pc
  • Some unknown errors can happen in the back end during the application program installation.
  • Problem with the other applications.
  • Multiple Microsoft outlook accounts existing on the same pc can cause this Error.
  • A simple Mail Transfer Protocol server (SMTP) can be the reason behind this Error.
  • So, Incompatible version of the Update with your machine.
  • But, An overabundance of cache in your system.

How To Fix or Solve the [pii_email_0d6a0a36cca1a3f5ba73] Error Code?

As we already know from the topics above, this Error has many sources of origin. And to solve this Error, we must try multiple solutions based on birth.

To fix this [pii_email_0d6a0a36cca1a3f5ba73] Error, we will try different methods and solutions that are as follows-

1. Update to the new version of Microsoft Outlook

Try updating your Microsoft Outlook application to the newest available version because some bugs can also cause this Error. So, Which needs to be fixed by the updating process?

Update to the new version of Microsoft Outlook

Steps to update Microsoft Outlook –

  • Firstly, you need to click on the file option in the Outlook window.
  • Then access the Microsoft office account linked with it.
  • Now, click on the Update button in the Context Menu.
  • Then click on the Update Now tab from the options menu.
  • Lastly, Outlook will start searching for the latest updates and install them automatically into your computer.

Also, don’t forget to enable auto-updates from the menu options.

2. Reinstall Microsoft Outlook

pii_email_0d6a0a36cca1a3f5ba73 can be very frustrating when you urgently need to send emails using Microsoft Outlook. The Error can disturb the normal functioning of other email accounts as well. To eliminate this Error, you can try reinstalling Microsoft Outlook software. This way, you will clean the expired or broken version of Microsoft Outlook from your personal computer, causing error messages.

Reinstalling Microsoft outlook will remove the root cause of the Error and let you enjoy the fantastic features of Microsoft Outlook to their fullest.

3. Avoid using Multiple Accounts

There can be several reasons why the pii_email_0d6a0a36cca1a3f5ba73 error occurs. One can be the use of multiple email accounts on the same device.

If you have logged in to multiple outlook accounts on the same device, the Error can occur more frequently. To avoid getting the Error again, try logging out from all the Microsoft Outlook accounts from the device and then sign in to the single Outlook account you need to work with frequently.

Also, remember to clear the cache of Microsoft Outlook software. In this way, the Error can most likely be fixed.

4. Try Clearing the Cache and Cookies

This method can be the best solution for your problem because errors often occur due to the heavy usage of ram. An overabundance of cache in your system makes these problems arise.

So, Why not give it a try? By doing this, you will lose your saved passwords and stored data from your browser.

  • Open you browser
  • Go to browser settings
  • Search for Cache and Cookies.
  • Now clear the cache and cookies from your browser.

5. Use a Compatible Windows Version

The operating system should be compatible with your Microsoft Outlook version. It is one of the prime causes why error codes like pii_email_0d6a0a36cca1a3f5ba73 frequently occur. Windows 10 has seen to have many such minor problems in it. To deal with the compatibility issue, you can try downloading Windows 7 or 8 instead of using Windows 10.

It may take some time for the application developers of Microsoft Outlook to develop a Windows 10-compatible version. Till then, we can try these hacks to make our work done.

6. Use AutoRepair Tool

One of the quick methods to fix the [pii_email_0d6a0a36cca1a3f5ba73] bug is to use Windows Auto Repair Tools. Windows auto repair tools are readily available on the internet, which fixes various error issues in user applications that occur from time to time. These tools have special codes that help fix errors instantly without losing your important data or files.

Hopefully, this will help you get rid of any errors coming up on your screen.

Contact Microsoft Customer Support

Lastly, if none of the above solutions works, you need to contact the Microsoft support team to resolve this problem immediately.


Using one of the above methods, you can quickly fix the error code pii_email_0d6a0a36cca1a3f5ba73, which may interrupt your everyday workflow. If the Error persists, we recommend users contact the Outlook team directly so that the issue can be resolved as soon as possible.

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