Here we are explaining the Microsoft Outlook error codes pii_email_1e99215a2a7130f33f11 and How do you fix it? and How do I solve it? Let me check what Personal Identifiable Information (PII) is.

Error pii_email_1e99215a2a7130f33f11 Online communication tools such as MS outlook are essential in today’s corporate world. Millions around the globe love this excellent product.

But sometimes, it shows technical errors like [pii_email_1e99215a2a7130f33f11], which indicates the bad health of your information management software system

If you face Outlook Error Code [pii_email_1e99215a2a7130f33f11] while using Outlook email manager, you might get tense because it is not working correctly.

Microsoft Outlook is a popular privacy supervisor application used as an email client. However, recently a few new properties have been added to the app, making them very popular.

You can get things done, set up pointers, and even send emails to individuals who use Outlook. Outlook is lovely mainly and widely used by individuals, but Outlook causes many errors, like pii_email_1e99215a2a7130f33f11. Most of these are caused by viruses in the system that crash applications.

You may have come across this Error [pii_email_1e99215a2a7130f33f11]. This article will help you to fix Microsoft Outlook.

What is Microsoft Outlook?

So, Microsoft Outlook or MS Outlook is an email ability under the MS Office Suite Package. It looks after your email administration offering faster email connectivity and communication mode. So, whenever you fix MS Office, you get the MS Outlook facility by default.

Moreover, you can easily integrate MS Outlook into your PC, laptop, Android smartphone, and Windows mobile. The essential advantage of using MS Outlook is instantly sending and receiving emails without logging on to your email ids separately.

So, even offline, you can quickly get an email alert by integrating MS Outlook into your device and PC. Sometimes, users notice a sudden [pii_email_1e99215a2a7130f33f11] Error on their screens.

Microsoft Outlook - @

What is the Microsoft Outlook Error [pii_email_1e99215a2a7130f33f11]?

Today you will discover or learn how to fix the error code [pii_email_1e99215a2a7130f33f11] in your Microsoft Outlook mail. If your MS Outlook dashboard is showing

Let’s first understand why I am getting this Error. It will allow you to understand your options better and quickly take action if you encounter this issue.

Use the Touluk application for personal use. You enable it due to improper operation of the Outlook application. However, there are some downsides to this. pii_email_1e99215a2a7130f33f11 Errors Problems can arise for a variety of reasons.

These flaws can set up an annoying [pii_email_1e99215a2a7130f33f11] Error. [pii_email_1e99215a2a7130f33f11] There are several ways to correct the mistake. The management is straightforward, and if you see this problem, you don’t need to worry. You can effectively get tense of this problem with a few simple steps.

What is the Microsoft Outlook Error [pii_email_1e99215a2a7130f33f11]_

[pii_email_1e99215a2a7130f33f11] error code, something is likely wrong. We give you numerous answers to help you resolve the error code pii_email_1e99215a2a7130f33f11. So, please read this complete article to Fix Outlook Email Error [pii_email_1e99215a2a7130f33f11] on your device.

Its [pii_email_1e99215a2a7130f33f11] bug is one of those, too, and we’ll see it fixed.

Assume that the error code [pii_email_1e99215a2a7130f33f11] or [pii_email_1e99215a2a7130f33f11] indicates that Microsoft Outlook is not functioning correctly. So what can you do to make MS Outlook work properly?

Why Does this Error pii_email_1e99215a2a7130f33f11 Troubleshooting?

This Error is one of the prevalent errors when using the error tool, but it can quickly fix. Let’s see how to fix this [pii_email_1e99215a2a7130f33f11] Error. Take the most important steps and find a solution to get the job done.

Usually, the [pii_email_1e99215a2a7130f33f11] error occurs due to a setup cycle error, and Outlook clashes with the other programming entered on your PC. From time to time, there is also the possibility that numerous registers on the device are in use.

Why Does this Error pii_email_1e99215a2a7130f33f11 Troubleshooting_

It is imperative and can’t ignore to get rid of the problem in every way, so walk and get the job done.

How can [pii_email_1e99215a2a7130f33f11] Error be Repaired and Resolved?

[pii_email_1e99215a2a7130f33f11] We have provided some steps to help you avoid the Error. This step is simple and requires no skill. Check out the following steps to resolve your [pii_email_1e99215a2a7130f33f11] problem.

Windows Upgrade – pii_email_1e99215a2a7130f33f11

I used a larger version of Outlook, and Windows may not support it. In this case, upgrading the windows will solve the problem. Before updating LotLook, please ensure your PC specs are compatible with LotLook. If the window shrinks after that, upgrading the window is an excellent option to solve this problem. You can try reinstalling Microsoft Office and see if the [pii_email_1e99215a2a7130f33f11] bug is fixed.

Clear Cache

Your data is lost. Usually, if you see the Error [pii_email_1e99215a2a7130f33f11], you first need to clear your cache and cookies. Clearing cookies and cache can cause errors due to invalid strings and personal data. After clearing the store, you need to log in or log in to the login number using your email address. It will most likely remove the [pii_email_1e99215a2a7130f33f11] Error without any problems. However, if the problem perseveres, you can try many other things described below.

Outlook Restore

If you run into difficulties while setting up LootLook, uninstalling and reinstalling will be problematic. If you get an error [pii_email_1e99215a2a7130f33f11] after that, you can mess with the installation process. I can’t access my Outlook and get the Error pii_email_1e99215a2a7130f33f11. Reinstalling the problem tool is the most effective way to deal with this problem. After that, I will fix it quickly. It is the best way to handle [pii_email_1e99215a2a7130f33f11] errors. However, there is nothing guarantee that this will improve your pii_error code. If the problem persists, you should try additional techniques.

Outlook Restore

C Drive Cleaning – pii_email_1e99215a2a7130f33f11

Regularly unwanted files are located in various short-term folders. [pii_email_1e99215a2a7130f33f11] error in the mail. Please follow this processing on your computer to clear increments from scrap documents or to further update the rest of the data from the previous software installation.

  • Click the window icon to open the Run box, run it in the search bar, and then type Enter. In the Run message box, type %temp%. Click OK to continue.
  • You need to use the Ctrl + A keys on your keyboard or click Select All to select and open all the files in the Windows Information Vacation folder.
  • Press the Remove key on your keyboard with all the data currently selected. Also, the Error [pii_email_1e99215a2a7130f33f11] is fixed when you left-click on the deleted file and right-click on the highlighted file.
  • You lose all kinds of data that are not excluded and, in some cases, click Stop to complete the process, but this is a disadvantage.
  • Click this PC’ in the left pane. Then right-click on’Disk (C:)’. Then click on the function with the left mouse button.
  • Click on Disk Cleanup, scan all plans under files and remove them along with the download.
  • Click clear up system files and click OK when done.

You must clean up all junk files on your system and fix the Error pii_email_1e99215a2a7130f33f11 in your mail.

Check for Duplicate Numbers

Mail-in Microsoft Outlook may generate this Error [pii_email_1e99215a2a7130f33f11]. Similarly, you need to find and delete it.

  • Open your Outlook application.
  • The number can be set.
  • Open mail registration.
  • Look at your email list and find duplicate numbers if you have any emails.
  • Tap Remove to delete the duplicate account.

Disable your Antivirus Program

Errors like [pii_email_1e99215a2a7130f33f11]are considered to be caused by the antivirus system. In this case, Outlook cannot interact with the customer’s email. You may ask to turn this feature off to fix the Error, but don’t forget to convert it.

  • Open the access pad.
  • Go to Security Upgrade.
  • Go to Windows Security.
  • Select Viruses and Security Threats.
  • Click Management Settings.
  • Enables and disables live protection.

Changing the Port of Server to Fix pii_email_1e99215a2a7130f33f11

You can fix the [pii_email_1e99215a2a7130f33f11] Error manually changing the server port number, so try this trick.

  • Launch Outlook.
  • Go to File & Account Settings.
  • Please select a message that activates the issue.
  • Select More Settings, then select Net Email Settings in your email browser.
  • On the Advanced tab, change the port number for SMTP from 465 to 587.
  • Click OK to save your settings.


This blog provides information on how to resolve the error code [pii_email_1e99215a2a7130f33f11]. The main explanation for this article’s content is that you can find the answer to the error code [pii_email_1e99215a2a7130f33f11]. We try our possible ways of approaching this problem’s search and solution from the point of view. We devised one of the above strategies to solve your problem for [pii_email_1e99215a2a7130f33f11]. Contact Microsoft for a better explanation if you haven’t resolved the issue after using these techniques.

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