pii_email_28cf3b0eeaaa2911f89f:- In this article, we have shared a solution for this error code

pii_email_28cf3b0eeaaa2911f89f. And also, we have shared a solution for this error code [pii_email_28cf3b0eeaaa2911f89f]. If you are getting this error code, check it out too.

While using Microsoft Outlook, users get [pii_email_28cf3b0eeaaa2911f89f] error codes for various reasons. The following error code may occur while sending and receiving emails. These [pii_email_28cf3b0eeaaa2911f89f] error codes are standard and can occur while using Microsoft Outlook. So, here are some tips to fix this error code.

If you get this error code [pii_email_28cf3b0eeaaa2911f89f], it generally means that Outlook is not working correctly. Here are some easy tips you should use to solve it.

What is [pii_email_28cf3b0eeaaa2911f89f], and why does it occur?

As mentioned earlier, Microsoft Outlook is safe. It uses Microsoft’s SSL and TLS security encryption to send and receive your emails. You don’t need to be familiar with SSL and TLS security cyphers to resolve [pii_email_28cf3b0eeaaa2911f89f]. Understand that they are one of the most secure cyphers out there.

If you try to connect to an email server without SSL and TLS security, you will get [pii_email_28cf3b0eeaaa2911f89f]. It is not the only reason you are getting [ pii_email_28cf3b0eeaaa2911f89f errors in your Microsoft Outlook. We’ll discuss the other reason and solutions in the “How to Fix” section. To use the email server in your Outlook, it must have SSL and TLS encryption. It is best always to check all settings, such as port number, authentication, and secure connection, when logging in.

What is [pii_email_28cf3b0eeaaa2911f89f], and why does it occur_

How to solve error [pii_email_28cf3b0eeaaa2911f89f]?

Now you understand why the pii_email_28cf3b0eeaaa2911f89f error occurs. You probably have an idea of ​​how to resolve the issue. If you are not in the technical field but still want to fix the problem, it is easy to follow the steps below and not see the problem again. We are going to mention six different ways to solve the problem. One of them should fix it for you.

1. Clear all Cookies and the Cache

  • Clearing Cookies will delete your old data and keep all data up to date.
  • If you are using multiple accounts, Logout from all of your funds.
  • Restart the Microsoft Outlook
  • Now start Microsoft Outlook and check if the error

[pii_email_28cf3b0eeaaa2911f89f] is fixed. If it doesn’t work, go to instruction 2.

2. Use a Cleaning Application to Clean your PC

Usually, unwanted files are detected in different folders of the computer. Using a cleaning application, you can clear all your DNS cache and other files related to Microsoft Outlook.

Many cleaning applications are available in the market, like Cleaner, Lolo System Mechanic, Norton Utilities, etc. This application is beneficial in troubleshooting the [pii_email_28cf3b0eeaaa2911f89f] error code.

3. Update Microsoft Outlook

Check for the new version and update Microsoft Outlook to resolve this [pii_email_28cf3b0eeaaa2911f89f] error code.

If an update is required, update all the data and restart your computer. You can quickly fix these issues by updating it to the newer version.

Update Microsoft Outlook

4. Using the Automatic Repair Tool

Use the Windows Automatic Repair Tool to recognize problems and solutions.

  • Go to Control Panel.
  • Search for Office 365 in the program.
  • Then choose Edit and select the feature, and choose Repair.
  • Click on the auto repair kit; problems are diagnosed and resolved automatically.
  • Open Microsoft Outlook and see if the error has been resolved.

Here are some extra tips you can use to fix the error code

[pii_email_28cf3b0eeaaa2911f89f] issue.

Uninstall Third-party Email App

This error code can also occur because of a software conflict. If you have installed any untrusted third-party email application, then uninstall the third-party application.

Disable Antivirus Program

Error codes like [pii_email_28cf3b0eeaaa2911f89f] occur because of the computer’s antivirus. In this case, Microsoft outlook cannot interact with the user’s email. You may be asked to turn off this feature to fix the error.

Contact Microsoft Customer Support

Lastly, if none of the above solutions works, you need to contact the Microsoft support team to resolve this problem immediately.


Hope the points above fixed your bug [pii_email_28cf3b0eeaaa2911f89f]. It is frustrating to receive [pii_email_28cf3b0eeaaa2911f89f] while submitting the assignment or project on time, but you will not have to solve the problem without guidance. If the error persists, comment below on the exact steps you took. We will do our best to fix it for you.

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