PUBG developer Krafton has filed a lawsuit against garena free fire. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) creator Krafton, a South Korean company, has launched a lawsuit against rival smartphone game Garena Free Fire, which has been extremely popular over the past year. According to the lawsuit, Garena Free Fire plagiarised the gameplay, characters, and interface of PUBG.

Krafton, the creator of PUBG, has brought legal action against Garena, Apple, and Google. By releasing the battle royale games Free Fire and Free Fire Max, Garena allegedly plagiarised PUBG: Battlegrounds. As a result, Krafton is suing Apple and Google for selling the games on their respective app stores. Additionally, Krafton charged Google with hosting videos on YouTube that showcase Free Fire and Free Fire Max gameplay. Additionally, Krafton allegedly.

The most well-known battle royale game right now is Free Fire. You may infer this from the fact that no one had even heard of Free Fire three years ago, yet now every kid enjoys playing it. Free Fire is now the most famous battle royale game in India, with over 500 million downloads. It is available for download from both the Play Store and the Appstore. Additionally, you can play this game on low-powered devices, and the fact that Free Fire is designed for such devices is the main factor in its popularity in India.

Krafton company has filed a lawsuit regarding Free Fire and Free Fire Max apps. We will delve into the logic behind the Krafton Company’s lawsuit against Free Fire and Free Fire Max in this post.

Background: krafton has filed a lawsuit against garena free fire

The Free Fire game is allegedly a clone of our PUBG, according to a complaint filed by Crafton Company, the makers of the PUBG game, on the Appstore and Playstore.

After its release in 2017, PUBG quickly rose to the top of the global video game charts. Players were thrown onto an island to search for weapons and resources while avoiding other players in a battle royale-style game. The winning team or player is the last one standing. The game’s acceptance led to the creation of several other battle royale-style games, such as Garena Free Fire.

According to reports, the 2017 release of Garena Free Fire by Singaporean game developer Garena. Over the past year, the game has become incredibly popular, especially in Southeast Asia and Latin America. Although there are some differences, such as shorter playing time and smaller maps, the gameplay is similar to PUBG.

Background_ krafton has filed a lawsuit against garena free fire

The Court Case: : pubg developer krafton has filed a lawsuit against garena free fire

The lawsuit claims that the interface, characters, and gameplay of PUBG have all been replicated in Garena Free Fire. Furthermore, the lawsuit claims that Garena Free Fire duplicates parts of Fortnite and Apex Legends.

In response to copyright infringement and unfair competition, Krafton is suing Garena for damages. Additionally, the firm is requesting an injunction to stop Garena from including PUBG-related features in its game.

Krafton includes Google and Apple in the lawsuit against Garena

Additionally, Krafton has taken Google and Apple to court. Both businesses are using their respective app stores to distribute Garena Free Fire and Garena Free Fire Max while also making money from in-game purchases. According to Krafton, while Garena made hundreds of millions of dollars from the sales of the in-game items, Google and Apple “earned a considerable amount of revenue from their supply of Free Fire.” The Verge said that Free Fire made $1.1 billion from in-app purchases in 2021, a 48% increase over what it made in the previous year. However, PUBG Mobile only increased its revenue by 7% from the prior year to $2.9 billion in 2021.

Krafton includes Google and Apple in the lawsuit against Garena

Additionally, Krafton has also accused YouTube, a content-sharing platform by Google, of not removing videos of Garena Free Fire. The PUBG developer asserts that it asked YouTube to remove the posts that “include elements that blatantly infringe Battlegrounds and, separately, the infringing feature-length film.” Since Google owns YouTube, both companies earn money when people on the platform watch content; in this case, it is the content created by streamers and video creators around Garena Free Fire and Garena Free Fire Max. While both Google and Apple have not responded to the allegations, Garena’s parent company Sea told The Verge that “Krafton’s claims are groundless.”

Garena’s Response

According to : pubg developer krafton has filed a lawsuit against garena free fire, Garena has yet to respond publicly to the case. However, the company denied the allegations of copyright infringement in a statement released in 2019.

Garena's Response

The Future of Litigation

At this point, it’s uncertain how the lawsuit will develop. The action, however, draws attention to the ongoing argument in the gaming sector regarding the use of identical components in various games. Cases like this one are anticipated to increase in frequency in the future because other creators have been charged with stealing gameplay components from other games.

Similarities and Differences Between PUBG and Garena Free Fire

Battle royale games, such as PUBG and Garena Free Fire, pit players against one another in a race to be the last individual or squad standing. Similar gameplay elements, such as looting weapons and supplies, constricting play areas, and environmental dangers, are present in both games.

But the two games also differ significantly in some important ways. In PUBG, players must make tactical decisions based on the terrain and resources at their disposal. It makes it a more realistic and tactical game. On the other hand, Garena Free Fire is a faster-paced, arcade-style game that prioritises action and agility.


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