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Raaz: The Mystery Continues: The Mystery Continues revolves around a successful model, Nandita (played by Kangana Ranaut), who is in love with the creative director of a television program (Adhyayan Suman). Nandita’s life takes a dramatic turn when she meets an artist, Prithvi (Emraan Hashmi). A horror mystery about an artist Prithvi, who quickly starts having visions about an unnamed girl in trouble. Being unable to deal with these shocking occurrences, he paints his dreams. However, he cannot trust his eyes when he meets that nameless girl, Nandita, in being and alerts her of the probable risks.

He tells Nandita that all her paintings he made are getting disfigured, which spells impending danger for her. Initially, she does not believe him but then starts facing horrifying situations. After this, hell breaks loose, and an unstoppable storm begins. Thus, unfold some of Bollywood’s most thrilling horror sequences with Raaz – The Mystery Continues.

Beautiful runway model Nandita Chopra’s boyfriend Yash Dayal runs a TV serial, ‘Andhvishwas’–documenting resistance that there are no ghosts, ghouls, or even God. However, things spiral out of control when she finds wounds all over her body, stalked by a mysterious male. She ends up hospitalized because she attempted to kill herself after knowing she was expectant. After recuperating, she befriends her stalker, who she classifies as Prithvi Singh.

What Happens When Prithvi’s Dreadful Visions Start Turning into Reality?

This film begins with a fashion model, “Nandita Chopra” (Kangana Ranaut), having just finalized a show and being invited to a party afterwards. While she receives a call from her former boyfriend, “Yash Dayal” (Adhyayan Suman), requesting her for an awards formality that is taking place for which he considers a possible winner for a news section that he filmed previously. Naturally accepts, and the two of them return together. Unfortunately, but not accidentally, it’s also during this time that she begins experiencing visions and discovers that a strange young man named “Prithvi Singh” (Emraan Hashmi) has already started stalking her for reasons yet to be revealed. Now rather than show any more, I will say that this film started great but began to fizzle toward the end before collapsing in the final few minutes.

What Happens When Prithvi's Dreadful Visions Start Turning into Reality

About this Movie – Raaz: The Mystery Continues

A producer who has scared the ghost out of millions all over the country and way beyond, a filmmaker who has revolutionized the concept of 3D cinema in the country, Vikram Bhatt, is all geared up for his Friday release, 1920: Evil Returns, that belongs to the successful ‘1920’ franchise that somehow worked wonders for Vikram, a few years back.

Being a pro at making horror flicks, he opened up to us in a short telecom as he spoke about his film and his expectations, plus why he can never make a romantic film!

1920: Evil Returns is a pseudo-sequel to the much-successful 1920. What helped you envision the plot from such a different angle that there’s no resemblance with the original?
Well, I don’t know precisely what a pseudo-sequel means. But yes, the two films are entirely different, and they have no connections with each other whatsoever. But this is how films from different franchises and their sequels develop in the country.

It has got nothing to do with just 1920! Even if it’s a Raaz or a Jannat or a Murder or a Golmaal, they are sequels that do not have relevance to any previous films. What everyone is trying to do is to market the sensation that was first delivered by the original. When you say 1920, you know a possessed girl and a gothic feeling in the film. It has got beautiful music; the film is aesthetically good-looking. These are the things you know you are going to expect from the movie. These are the things that we deliver. Otherwise, yes, the storyline is different here, and what happens in horror is that it has a definitive end most of the time.

Which is the scariest Raaz film? Old or New Movie

Raaz: The Mystery Continues:- The fourth instalment of the Raaz franchise is out. Starring Emraan Hashmi, Kriti Kharbanda, and Gaurav Arora, Vikram Bhatt’s Raaz Reboot is about a couple and their encounter with an evil spirit. The reboot version is a remix of all the previous Raaz films.

The second film from the series came out in 2009 and opened to mixed reviews. This time, the Bhatts roped in their blue-eyed boy Emraan Hashmi Kangana Ranaut and her then-boyfriend Adhyayan Suman. Emraan and Bipasha retain for the third instalment, along with Esha Gupta. Again film also got raked in big moolah at the box office.

The story revolves around Bipasha’s character, a successful actress who threatens when her step-sister (Esha) makes her debut. Emraan, who plays a producer, initially helps Bipasha with her witchcraft plans to destroy Esha, but he later decides to save her. Unfortunately, the unfortunate film had more skin show than scare tactics, but that didn’t hamper its box office fate.

In the film, Emraan can paint the future, and his paintings predict that Kangana is in danger. How he helps her and, in the process, falls in love with her forms the rest of the story. Emraan and Kangana’s jodi worked in favour of the film and its music. The film had some spine-chilling moments too.

Did you watch the Raaz movies? Which one was the scariest?

The first film from the successful horror franchise came out in 2002.

Featuring Bipasha Basu, Dino Morea, and Malini Sharma, the film was an unofficial remake of the Hollywood movie What Lies Beneath and did manage to scare people with its haunting music, good execution, and decent performances.

When Bipasha and Dino’s marriage hits rock bottom, the duo heads off to Ooty to rekindle their romance. But unfortunately, things take a U-turn as their new house is haunted. How the couple battles the ghostly presence and saves their marriage forms the rest of the story. The chemistry between Bips and Dino also helped in making Raaz a hit.

Most of your previous films in the recent past have had hints of horror in them. So why do you only stick to this particular genre rather than trying out something newer?
See, there’s always a conflict where the creative person wants to be prolific! I am a producer who understands the needs of a brand. You don’t get points for being prolific; everyone has a kind of film or genre in which they specialize. When you watch a movie, you say it’s a KJo (Karan Johar) kind of film; you know what it would be like. When you speak among your friends and say that this film is Rohit Shetty, kind of a comedy or a Madhur Bhandarkar somewhat realistic film or a David Dhawan film, that’s what it means.

Did you watch the Raaz movies_ Which one was the scariest_

So everyone has their kinds of films which make their identity and a symbol of their branding. When people pay high for a theatre or any other single plex for a movie, they want to be sure of the experience they are about to get inside before they enter the movie plex! When you are a branded filmmaker, they know what to expect from your films. They would feel ki Vikram Bhatt has scared us in the past, and he would also be doing the same this time. So if you want to get scared, let’s watch the film. If I started making a love story as Yash Chopra did, people would be apprehensive about it. They would have a feeling, ‘Is it good or bad? We have never seen something like this from him before! That work very hard at branding themselves nicely these days!


One of the best horror thrillers of the 2000s, the Bipasha Basu and Dino Morea starter, was high on good content and music. But of course, everyone was quick to point out its similarity to What Lies Beneath, the horror thriller which starred Harrison Ford and Michele Pfeiffer as a married couple living in Vermont.

The cinematography was the best part of this film…The lighting and photography were brilliant! Also, some of the angles had a frightening and mysterious feel. The direction and story were also unique. It is a well-made film, but it could have been so much more! A few unnecessary scenes slowed the pace down a bit. The director attempted some cliché gags to frighten the audience. Sometimes it gave me the “been there done that” feel. The acting in the film was OK. Emraan, in my opinion, was the best. Adhyayan Suman and Kangana Ranaut were OK.