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Sales Pipeline – Building your Sales Pipeline, and More

Sales Pipeline

Sales Pipeline

Sales pipeline is one of those sales footings that gets thrown around a lot. But, suppose you spend any time in sales circles.

You’ll catch a lot about ‘getting prospects into the pipeline,’ ‘increasing your pipeline,’ and ‘filling your pipeline with hot leads.’

What is a sales pipeline?

A sales pipeline is a visual and organized way to track multiple potential buyers through different stages of the buying process.

In that way, it is very similar to other pipelines in different sectors. The definition above that pipelines are a way of tracking progress toward a goal through a series of specific stages is a pipeline for companies in all industries.

Pipelines are often viewed as a horizontal bar, sometimes a funnel, divided into a company’s sales process stages.

Potential buyers move from one phase to the next as they go through the sales process:

Building your sales pipeline – What do you need to get started?

Here and now are some of the things you’ll need to have on hand before you can start creating a pipeline:

A list of your prospective buyers

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