The ministry of transport will launch a road safety navigation app. Road safety is a very important consideration in today’s growing world. Many people drive on the road, on the highway in India.

In India, there have been 449,002 site visitors accidents in 2019, in step with the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways. It led to 451,361 injuries and 151,113 fatalities. The end result is that in traffic accidents in India, 17 people die, and 51 are injured according to hour.

The Ministry of Transportation has announced the discharge of a brand new navigation app that objectives to boom avenue protection for all users in reaction to this stressful trend. There can be fewer injuries, fewer visitors bottlenecks, and extra mobility universal. The App sends notifications on incidents, circuit breakers, and different issues. There are not any costs related to this for the consumer.

Let us let you know that Nitin Gadkari, Union Minister for Road Transport and Highways, on Friday inaugurated a phone app created by means of MapmyIndia in partnership with IIT, Madras, which might notify users of each approaching black spot so that drivers can take precautions. The authorities’s Atmanirbhar App Innovation Challenge was received by using the app “MOVE” in 2020.

Can An official from the road ministry state that this navigation software service is “free to use” and that users will also receive voice and visual notifications about impending speed traps, abrupt curves, and potholes by using the App? : is the update and information-giving site. Today we are talking about : the ministry of transport will launch a road safety navigation app, and we will give you complete information related to this App.

Let us tell you. A few days ago, posted : the ministry of transport will launch a road safety navigation app. So, what did talk about? What did he mean?

What Is The Navigation App For Road Safety?

However, To help you propose your direction efficiently, this App offers real-time records about visitors styles, street closures, injuries, and weather updates. The App makes use of present day GPS technology to provide turn-via-flip guidelines and voice activates to alert you of upcoming turns or exits.

The first-rate issue of this software application is that it permits users to report on-the-road incidents such as collisions, risks, and obstructions. This lets in the programme to warn all customers approximately capacity hazards inside the future. It moreover signs you at the same time as there are pace cameras nearby so you may not be caught off defend and grow to be having to pay a first-rate.

What is the navigation app for road safety

What is the App’s Function?

According to, the ministry of transportation will introduce a revolutionary new tool to improve road safety for all users: a navigation app. But how exactly does the app work?

So, to start, the App leverages real-time data to provide users with the latest traffic and risk information for their route. It suggests that drivers may adjust their driving behaviour accordingly and avoid potentially dangerous situations.

Second, the App employs GPS technology to provide turn-by-turn directions that let drivers safely navigate uncharted highways. The App also offers features like reminders for upcoming rest stops and petrol stations, as well as speed limit warnings. These instructions ensure that drivers maintain their focus on the road in front of them and are continually aware of their surroundings.

Additionally, passengers can use the App’s “passenger mode” feature to monitor the driver’s actions and provide real-time feedback. It urges everyone on the road to drive safely.

What is the App's Function_

Features of the App

Many features of the Road Safety Navigation App are intended to increase traffic safety. These consist of the following:

  1. Real-time updates on road conditions
  2. Alerts for speeding and dangerous driving
  3. Voice-activated controls
  4. Integration with other navigation apps

Features of the App

Madras IIT data adopted Model for Driven Road Safety

A data-driven road safety model created by academics at IIT Madras with support from the World Bank was officially adopted by the road ministry last month. The Institute’s cutting-edge Integrated Road Accident Database (iRAD) methodology will use by more than 32 states and union territories to make roads safer and enhance emergency response.

The IIT team has partnered with various state governments to reduce the number of fatalities in traffic accidents by 50% by 2030 and to zero by that time. He will create a roadmap for this.

Who is eligible for the App?

The launch of a navigation app for improved road safety is planned by the ministry of transportation, according to Because of this, drivers of any age, gender, or nationality can use the App.

Before utilising the programme, you must verify that your smartphone satisfies all requirements. The software requires a specific operating system version and a certain amount of disc space. For more information on whether your phone complies with these requirements, go to the Ministry of Transportation’s official website.

Additionally, it’s important to remember that using this software doesn’t replace good driving practices or adhering to local traffic laws. It should be seen as an extra instrument to improve safe driving techniques rather than as a replacement for them.

What Benefits Are There to Using the App?

Drivers can benefit from several advantages provided by the Ministry of Transportation’s Road Safety Navigation App.

  • Improved road safety
  • Reduced travel time
  • Cost savings
  • Environmentally friendly

The software makes it possible for users to commute more safely and efficiently by offering real-time traffic data. It makes it possible for cars to escape gridlock and roadworks, cutting down on travel time and possibly saving fuel costs.

Using the App encourages responsible driving by encouraging safer driving practices on the roads. The software was developed with attention for safety. It alerts users about potential traffic dangers like crashes or severe weather that may be present up ahead. To help prevent unsafe driving behaviours, it also provides information on speed limits and other traffic laws.

It offers features like approaching speed cameras or other sorts of enforcement notifications, for instance, as well as advice on when to stop for long distances. There are several benefits to using this software for both individual drivers and society.

It has a significant potential to improve traffic flow and reduce accidents, making our roads safer for everyone who uses them.

What Benefits Are There to Using the App_

How to Download the App

Both iOS and Android smartphones will support downloading the Road Safety Navigation App. The App will be available for download from the Google Play Store or the App Store.

Download from here

MapmyIndia: The MOVE App

However, mapmyIndia presents the Move app of India, a helpful tool for maps, navigation, tracking, safety, hyper-local services, smart mobility, and more. So, it is an older program that enables you to locate and navigate with voice-guided directions that take you from A to B and provide real-time traffic updates and ETAs as you go. You may research nearby locations, such as eateries, shopping centers, events, etc., and learn what others say about them. The MOVE App allows you to report problems like traffic, potholes, rubbish dumps, etc. To improve your city and share your current position with your loved ones for peace of mind.

The Mappls ID digital address and location identity system condense tough lessons into six-character identifiers, one of the Move app’s distinctive features. Using Mappls ID, you may share your location with anyone without giving away personal information. In addition, the Move app of India gives detailed maps of the world, encompassing roughly 200 nations, and is powered by India’s top maps from MapmyIndia. You may get the most significant maps, navigation, tracking, and real-time traffic updates on your smartphone by downloading the Move app of India for free from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.


A state-of-the-art tool for supporting drivers with effective and safe road navigation is the Ministry of Transportation’s Road Safety Navigation App.

With features like real-time traffic updates, alerts for hazardous driving conditions, and voice-guided navigation, this programme is crucial for anyone who values their safety when driving.

It not only makes commuting more accessible and more convenient. But it also helps reduce accidents that result from negligence or human error.

By providing detailed information about any potential hazards on the following section of the road, drivers can avoid accidents.

So, Venture Beat Blog encourages all drivers to download the App and use it to be safe on the roads. : the ministry of transport will launch a road safety navigation app (FAQ)

Will the Ministry of Transportation release a navigation app for road safety?

MapmyIndia mobile app has been develop by National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) to empower the highway users. It said adding the key feature of the App includes provision for the user to enter road quality-related information or to report any accident,

What are the benefits of the MapmyzIndia app?

By using this navigation app, users will get voice and visual alerts about upcoming accident-prone zones, speed breakers, sharp curves, potholes etc.