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Two Factor Authentication – Does it Work, Trusted Devices, and More

Two Factor Authentication

Two Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication is an additional protection measure for your Apple ID designed to ensure that you can access your account smoothly if someone else knows the password.

How does it work?

Only you can access your account on a trusted device or the web by two-factor authentication.

Once you log in to a new device for the first time, you will need to provide two pieces of information.

The Password and the six-digit verification code are automatically displayed on your trusted devices or sent to your phone number.

By entering the code, you verify that you trust the new device. E.g., if you have an iPhone and log into your account for the first time on a newly purchased Mac.

You will be encouraged to enter your Password, and the six-digit verification code is automatically displayed on the iPhone.

Since your Password alone is no longer sufficient to access your account, two-factor authentication significantly improves.

The security of your Apple ID, as well as all the personal information you store with Apple.

Trusted devices

Trusted phone numbers

 Verification codes

In what way to Set up two-factor authentication for your Apple ID?

You tin follow these stages to enable two-factor authentication on your device. But, first, study more about the availability of two-factor authentication.

Turn on two-factor authentication on Mac:

If you are using macOS Mojave or earlier:

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Review Two Factor Authentication – Does it Work, Trusted Devices, and More.

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