What is Nano Goblin? – Introducing, The Strix, And More

Nano Goblin – Introducing

Nano Goblin is an extraordinarily efficient nano-flying wing weighing only 250 grams when built using recommended components. It is for Kit only, and no hardware include. You will need to provide a receiver, servos, battery, motor, ESC, propellor, etc. We also stock the PNP version.

In a market full of compromises in fixed-wing FPV design, STRIX RC overcomes this trend with Nano Goblin. It is an effort to design a scratch-free aeroplane. If you develop something with inherent stability, it may not be efficient. The design is high-speed but tends to stall at slow speeds. The list will continue to grow. However, it becomes a legend when the plane correctly and the best attributes collide. Nano goblins are easy to launch, have a stable wind, are very efficient, and are reluctant to drop wings on the stalls. At a glance at the Nano Goblin spec list, you can see that this aircraft is truly unique.

Extraordinarily Efficient –

Does this sound like a dream? Out-of-box flight time of 60 minutes or more is possible with wingspans that fit in the front seats of compact cars instead of requiring a special trailer to transport to the field. These times are likely from the first moment. Add STRIXStix 3200mAH Lithium Ion Battery to your order. With the lightest gear in this design, this design achieved up to 92 minutes and 40.2 miles of flight time and distance!

250 Grams – The Nano Goblin weighs around 225g with a battery and an all-in-one camera! That means you still have room for more equipment before your plane has exceeded the dreaded “2 sticks of butter” requirement that will probably make a comeback in the future. Just ask our Canadian friends.

Hands-on Flying with the Strix Nano Goblin

They are not intimidating. Ringing the tower sounds fun, but neigh bours may not like the 60-inch wing 12 fly-by hoop. Nano goblins sail with a whisper. Nano Goblin is readily available with a light disc style release.

Perseverance-Nano goblin is back! Everyone knows that EPP is the most important when it comes to durability. The STRIX team has sacrificed over 50 original nano goblins to find the perfect molding temperature to ensure that each advancing plane correctly modes for maximum durability. So grab a welder or foam tack tube and fly all day with reckless abandonment, just like your flat EPP foam! The main spar is 3mm square and descends far beyond the servo to provide sufficient support in addition to the main spar. Added carbon fibre placed on each elevon and engine body.

Unmatched Flight: Nano goblin flight compares to the Micro fighter plane. As mentioned earlier, this aircraft gracefully stalls and lowers the nose. It doesn’t tend to keep spinning after control input and prefers to keep spinning to the last point pointed to without the nose deviating from the horizon. The roll is on the central axis and can turn on when you need to avoid the next row of trees. Nano goblins also do not require perfect conditions to fly well and remain stable with slight wing movements.


The Strix Nano Goblin beats almost all other RTF RC aircraft for flight time. It’s crazy. If you’re looking for an explanation, the Li-ion battery found under the hood of this backpack-sized wing is the main culprit. So how does this plane live up to expectations?

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