Paymanager is a payment billing scheme that assists Rajasthan government officials. With the help of paymanager, employees can easily retrieve invoice details without hesitation. It’s a common integrated platform that helps you prepare employee bills for payment in an easy way. With this platform, you can help with invoice creation and get many details about DA arrears, bonuses, arrears, bonus preparation, collection invoice submissions, and much more.

Paymanager Advantages

This Paymanager portal has several important advantages. They are:

  • With the introduction of this portal, all employees will have the same easy platform where they can manage and control all their payment details.
  • The Paymanager portal is designed to be simple but with enhanced security. Therefore, all employee data is safe, and no one can misuse your data.
  • This portal allows all employees to use the services provided by the employee control panel.

What is Paymanager?

If you want to know what PayManager is, it is a site run by the Government of Rajasthan. This site is significant and creates wage bills for all employees within the Rajasthan government. However, PayManager does more than create invoices, just like the payroll invoice above.

At the same time, other things can be done, such as DA assignments for Rajasthan government officials. As an employee affiliated with Rajasthan, this platform means a lot to you, making it easy to get your payslip and other unsuspecting stuff.

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How helpful is Paymanager?

As mentioned above, Paymanager is a platform where you can easily retrieve various details. It is an integrated platform and billing system that will greatly help your employees. With the help of this website, you can also get so many details about DA back invoice preparation, bonuses, delinquency, license recovery, etc. These are the important things you will get with the help of this platform.

How to Login to Paymanager Portal?

I am looking for a way to log into Paymanager. No need to search everywhere. Please check the following points on how to log in. You can easily log in to Paymanager by following the steps below. See the points below,

  • First, you requirement visit the official website the Rajasthan State Government runs.
  • Once on the site, you will be presented with several options that require clicking on the DDO/Employee login.

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  • Click To DDO/Employee Login, and a new Paymanager page will appear on your screen. Now enter your username in the appropriate place. After that, provide the password and provide the final security key provided. At the same time, you will have to fill in the captcha form. In addition, you may see options for DDO, Employee, Digital, Department, Sub DDO HOD/Sub HOD. First, you have to select the option called Employee and then click on the login option.
  • If you click Login, you are ready to go to the DDO/employee login page.
  • Finally, you will need to provide the user ID you created earlier. At the same time, everything is set to enter the password you created. Next, enter your login details and select Employee if you want to enter a captcha. Finally, we also need to select the login button. You have successfully logged in to Paymanager.

How to download Pay Slip?

If this is your first time logging mad about Paymanager, don’t worry. Especially if you want to download Rajasthan employee salary vouchers, you can download them easily. Logging into Paymanager is easy if you know the steps below.

  • First, you want to visit the official website of Paymanager, which the Government of Rajasthan runs.
  • After logging into the Paymanager official website, check the left side of the page. By clicking on the employee corner, you can offer even more options. For example, click Proof of Payment for whatever details you need, such as Download Proof of Payment or Proof of Payment.
  • Click Pay Slip, and a new page will appear on your screen. Now you can easily download your payroll receipt or payroll for any year. All you want to choose is the month and year, and you have to do the exercise. You can too download it in PDF format, whichever format you prefer. Sometimes you need the Excel format, and it’s ready to use. At the same time, you can simply get salary or payment vouchers for employees in Rajasthan.

How to Reset the Login Password?

To change your paymanager password, follow these steps:

  • First, you want to visit the official website operated by Rajasthan.
  • You will see the same number of options as for DDO/employee login
  • After that, you need to click Forgot Password? under Employee Login.
  • Now you need to click Forgot password? A new page will open.
  • Next, enter your Paymanager employee ID, bank account number, date of birth, and mobile phone number. Once mobile click verification is complete, we will send your mobile phone number via OTP, so enter your OTP and click Submit Details Click.
  • Finally, click the Submit button to change your Paymanager password reset successfully. A message will appear stating that a changed password will be provided.

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Features of Paymanager

  • There are four dissimilar options that Pay Manager offers to register on the website. Users can choose any option at their convenience.
  • This portal provides access for all government officials in Rajasthan to check their salary and monthly receipts along with other required details such as licenses, tax returns, etc.
  • Pay Manager provides PDF files that your bank digitally signs.
  • Any staff member or Employee can create FVC invoices, payment invoices, retirement invoices, etc. Easy with this portal.

How to Update Paymanager?

Updating PayManager requires a few simple steps. The steps are –

  1. Access PayManager’s official website from your web browser.
  2. When the home page appears, select the DDO/Employee Login option.
  3. Sign in to your employee profile with your username and password.
  4. After logging in to your profile, you will see the Employee Corner option.
  5. Click this employee corner option. There you will find a list of different options.
  6. Clicking on the master data request option will bring up another list with options to inform several data such as Employment Pay Date, Bank Account Update, Worker Status Request, No Details Update Request, Personal Data, Personal Information will be Renewal and application of employee plans.
  7. Now you can access and send all of them according to your choice.


Do we take an app for the Paymanager Worker portal?

Yes, the app is available on Google Play Store. You can search for the PayManager app and easily install it on your device.

Who is allowable to use the Paymanager Login?

The Paymanager portal and app are for use by Rajasthan government employees only. No other civilian employee may use this portal.

What kind of details do we grow on the Salary Section of Paymanager?

The Salary section on the user’s dashboard shows all the details regarding payments, bonuses, personal information, and deductions.

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