Site icon Venture Beat Blog Trafic & shieldmanga1st, reviews, Similar, 2022 live Ranking traffic volume is 8,392 unique users and 33,568 pageviews per day. has a web value rate of 50,846 USD. Each visitor creates about 4.28 page views on average.

Website rankings help you assess the value of your business. In the last three months, the global order of shield manga has decreased from 33,416 to 83,930. Traffic and Engagement Analysis

Latest Update: Shieldmanga traffic is down 24.99% compared to last month (desktop). Click below to find out how shield manga meets the expectations and interests of our visitors.

Shieldmanga-io vs. Ranking Comparison

So, Compare’s global ranking trends with over the past 3 months, or drill down to see’s ranking compared to in your category or country.

Geography & Country Targeting

So, Which country has the most traffic to shield manga these days? Where is your primary audience coming from? Last month, Indone

sia was the top country sending desktop traffic to shield. Click below to see all nations.

Traffic and Engagement

However, As of September 2022, has more views than shield manga Audience Demographics

Audience composition can reveal a site’s current market share across different audiences. manga’s has an audience of 62.93% male and 37.07% female. The largest age group of visitors is 25-34 years old (desk).

Top Audience Interests

Audience Interests reveals essential details about the viewing interests of shield visitors. manga io viewers are interested in Arts & Entertainment > Anime & Comics and google.

Traffic share by country: Shield manga io vs.

A country-by-country traffic analysis of shows that has the most traffic from the United States, while has a smaller share.

Similar Sites & Competitors

In addition, Reveal top shield alternatives and find potential or emerging competitors. Mangaweebs. in is the website with the highest similarity score to shield Top Marketing Channels

Shield manga io’s top traffic source was direct traffic, generating 91.15% of desktop access last month, followed by search with 3.98% of the traffic. The least utilized channel is referrals. Let’s take a closer look at the top drivers of traffic for each track below

Compare shield Marketing Channels vs.

Firstly, Analyze the distribution of traffic sources for shield manga and to learn more about each website’s digital marketing priorities and strategies.

Audience Demographics Comparison

But, Comparison of shield’s and visitors by gender and age distribution

Compare shieldmanga io to other websites

Secondly, is not’s only competition in the Arts & Entertainment > Animation & Comics industry. See how Shield manga compares to other top competitors.

Social Media Traffic to Shield

Shieldmanga gets most of its social media traffic from YouTube, followed by Reddit and Twitter (desktop). Engaging your audience through the WhatsApp Web app can reveal new opportunities

Outgoing Links from [Shieldmanga]

Moreover, Shieldmanga is sending desktop traffic to two different websites in different categories. Check the percentage of traffic for each category below

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