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What is the Omni Track? – Introducing, Units, Solutions, And More

What is the Omni Track_ – Introducing, Units, Solutions, And More

Omni track – Introducing

Omni track is a family-owned & run UK Ball Transfer Units & Movement Solutions manufacturer with over 100 years of company innovation history. First patented in 1954, our High Capacity ‘Endless Track’ Ball Transfer Units have been in continuous production ever since and continue to solve the industry’s most challenging applications. We have never believed in Minimum Order Charges. Can offer Free Technical Advice and ‘Specials’ are no problem for our in-house manufacturing facilities. Our products.

Omni Track offers functionalities that facilitate your tracking. For example, using a shortcut panel on a notification list, you can quickly log your data without opening the application. You can either extend the input page or log an item instantly with automatically filled values. If you mind the shortcut panel occupying your notification panel, consider using Omni Track’s screen widgets instead.
If you made a tracker which you have to keep track of regularly (e.g., a diary), you could set up reminders that notify you at a specific time or periodic intervals.

High Capacity Ball Transfer Units –

Many different sizes and fixing options. And material upgrades. Our innovative ‘double recirculation’ internal mechanism gives our High Capacity Ball Transfer Units the highest load-bearing capabilities of all ball units and the smoothest movement. And service kits are offered to suit an increasingly wide range of applications – from the intricate, accurate & susceptible control of components in the Hadron Collider to the shock-loading, severe heat, and extreme loads imposed by the steel industry offshore applications.

Medium Duty Ball Transfer Units –

Omni track ‘Metric’ Ball Transfer Units are machined from solid steel bar & hardened for heavy load capacity & wear resistance. The reinforced machined top cap protects against impact from misalignment of the conveyed item.

Light Duty Ball Transfer Units –

The LP ‘Plastic’ Ball Transfer Units range provides a non-magnetic, lightweight & completely corrosion-resistant solution for light-duty applications. They design for ‘Ball up’ applications. These pressed steel units lubricate for life & most types have alternative material options to suit diverse operating environments.

Washdown Ball Transfer Units and Movement Solutions –

Omni track High Capacity Ball Transfer Units now feature an extra drain hole in the base of units on our -Z ‘Arduous Conditions’ and. SS ‘All Stainless Steel’ material upgrades to allow rapid dispersal of fluid and contamination from the internal mechanism. MX ‘Extreme’ & MW ‘Washdown’ Ball Transfer Units were specially designed for the Air Cargo Handling industry and will suit most ‘Ball up’ applications with ‘washdown’ requirements at the base of the unit or utilize a team from our new Movement Solutions range; Omni ball, Omni wheel, and Omni float.

Spring Loaded Ball Transfer Units –

Extended service life & user serviceable with factory spare backup. Plus material upgrades to withstand the most severe operating conditions. Omni track High Capacity Spring Loaded Ball Transfer Unit ranges are ideal for heavy-duty ‘Ball down’ applications as well as precisely maneuvering tools & dies on press & machine beds. It recommends for applications with a rough track or shock loading.

Omni ball Ball Castor Unit – The Omni ball Ball Castor unit has a far reduced ‘trail’ than conventional castors and provides a near-instantaneous change of direction for both ‘ball up’ & ‘Ball down’ applications. The large plastic leading ball is ideal for conveying or gliding over delicate surfaces such as wood, carpet. Or even glass while minimizing damage to flooring or the given item.

Omni wheel Conveyor Module – Easily integrated into existing conveyor systems, the Omni wheel offers a near-instantaneous directional change for gravity and driven assembly lines, machine feed & packing areas. The three peripheral polyamide rollers rotating on stainless steel axles provide 360° support when modules couple. Giving more significant support for irregular or deformable items and resisting wet, dirty, and dusty operating environments.

Omni float Ball Castor Unit – Omni float Ball Castor units have been specifically designed for the sheet material handling industry and allow smooth & safe conveying of delicate fabrics. Such as glass, in wet, corrosive, dusty, and even high-temperature applications. Typically supplied in a 50% mix of ‘left hand’ & ‘right hand’ bias, these castors provide a neutral conveying plane and can be user serviced or have material upgrades to suit specific application requirements.

Omni Tables & Ball Mats –

However, our Omni tables, ball mats, and turntables tailor to your requirements. Our Technical Support team will help you devise your bespoke solution by choosing the most appropriate media.

Specials – Omni Track

But, we can manufacture bespoke in-house ‘specials’ that tailor to your specific application. Whether that be dimension changes or particular material options not covered by our current upgrades. So, please contact our Technical Support Team via the instant messaging Live Chat feature on our website. By email, or give them a call to discuss your requirements.

Service Kits – Omni Track

New service kits are now available for most Omni track High Capacity Ball Transfer Units & Omni float Ball Castor Units. Contact our Technical Support Team for advice on how to service your units.


So, omni Track is currently in beta release. As a result, the application may contain some bugs and crash unexpectedly. Throughout the Beta. We’ll keep track of persistent and common issues that users point out if you find any bugs and comments for improvements.

Omni Track for Android heavily depends on Google Play Services, including GCM and Firebase. It implies that Omni Track cannot target the citizens in the countries which are restricting the access to the Google services

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