Introduction – Are you looking to watch free all anime cartoons in sub or dub for free? Then go to With almost everything and no ads. is the title of the web portal dedicated to all kinds of anime cartoons. The title Wcostream is short for “Watch Cartoons Online” platform gained popularity in less than two years, getting more than half a million visitors once a month. is a free content website.

What is is a web portal with a great anime collection available to watch online and download. So, the Website offers cartoons in various categories of comics, including dubbed & subtitled anime, movies, series & comics.

However, to watch any content from, you need to enter the Website, and VPN is the best option here. Then you select the required category you want and the convenient menu on the platform and watch or download a file you need. offers full HD options, and in case of downloads, you can choose from several size options, from 70 MB for series episodes to 300 MB for movies.

The Website with anime collections is free for users worldwide, as it earns money from ads on your site. So yes,  you will have to spend a couple of minutes watching ads, but it is worth it.

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Categories On

  • Dubbed animes
  • Cartoons
  • Subbed anime
  • Movies
  • Series
  • Recently released anime
  • Ongoing anime
  • Today’s anime
  • Popular Anime

Downloadable Sizes

  • 300 MB movies
  • 200 MB anime shows
  • 70 MB episode
  • 240p movies
  • Full HD movies
  • 5 GB movies
  • 1080p movies

Watching from is safe or illegal? Is the site usually legal? In all Countries? is a valid domain, but it is not legal. It is because we do not own the copyright to the anime. However, it is a pirated platform that allows you to watch cartoons.

In addition, the site owner has every anime on the network. Therefore, the honest group of the series can disable the platform. But because of the web, you don’t have to worry about dealing with legal problems.

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Is Legit?

The question of legitimacy always remains when talking about anime streaming services.

The short answer is yes. is legal. But it depends a lot on the criteria that qualify a website as legitimate. is legal as long as the company has a real domain name. Clicking on this link ( will take you directly to the website. Also, unlike many scam sites, has only one official link.

So, another argument favouring Wcostream’s legitimacy is that the company offers a simple service. You can stream any anime or manga you see on the website.

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Besides being legal, there are several reasons to make Wcostream your anime streaming platform.

First, Wcostream maintains a vast library of anime, manga and movies. The Website’s products are grouped into various categories: recent releases, dubbed cartoons, subtitles, movies, and the latest 50.

Additionally, all content on the Wcostream platform is free. It is the site’s most significant selling point. The fact that you can catch up on your favourite anime without paying a penny is enough of an incentive to use the Wcostream streaming service.

However, despite being a legitimate website, some red flags cast doubt on Wcostream’s credibility.

Firstly of all, has no genuine reviews on the internet yet. It is despite the substantial monthly traffic to the Website. A random check of popular review platforms such as Trust Pilot and Site Jabber found almost zero reviews for Wcostream. The same goes for online community forums like Quora and Reddit. Because the reviews either don’t exist or are very unreliable. There are also no genuine reports of cheating on Wcostream’s platform, but the fact that the Website has no positive reviews is why it is entirely unreliable.

Is WcoStream Available In My Country?

Wcostream is banned in many countries around the world. But that doesn’t make it inaccessible.

You can access WcoStream virtually anywhere in the world. The platform can be accessed using a virtual private network (VPN) in countries where the service is prohibited.

However, in that case, do so at your own risk. For example, you may not report identity theft or other criminal activity resulting from It is the use of Wcostream in a prohibited jurisdiction.

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How Do I Use Wcostream’s Services?

  • Visit
  • Sign in if you have an account (this is optional as you don’t need an account to use the service).
  • Browse the featured content on the website to see if you can find the anime or manga you’re looking for. You can also search for content directly in the search bar in the top right corner of the page.
  • Stream away! If the page does not display immediately, it may be due to heavy server traffic. Try refreshing the page a few times until the video plays.

Does your site contain viruses or malware?

So, one important thing to note about is that not a legal site and works with ads. Some ads may contain malicious malware that can harm your device. You may also have trouble watching cartoons on this platform

Therefore, you can protect yourself with the adblocker to view this site. So, It will prevent malware and viruses from infecting your computer and other devices. It means you can watch Japanese anime for free No need to worry about the safety of your laptop.

Does the site provide sensitive information?

Wcostream never steals data from your computer due to the actual domain system. It also has an SSL protection layer to encrypt all data on the Website, including email addresses and account passwords.

So you don’t have to worry about sites stealing your sensitive data. So you can use the platform without the stress of such issues. Of course, the forum may not be completely safe from hackers in this digital age.

Are there similar fake sites that you should know about?

Hence, there are many similar sites like this Wcostream platform. However, not all are streaming media. So be careful when searching on this site.

The most important thing that helps identify this platform is its orange-and-white design. Also, you can only search for Japanese anime and movies on this site.

The Advantages And Disadvantages of


  • watch anime for free
  • It has an SSL protection layer
  • An extensive collection of anime series.
  • You can also watch Japanese cartoons on this platform.


  • It is not legal
  • Unreliable customer support
  • You have to watch ads.
  • The company does not have a registered office


  • This Website has an SEO score of 74.
  • It contains 75 errors on the Website.
  • This Website has a global ranking of 6078 in the world.
  • The number of monthly visits to the site is 671608.
  • A large amount of traffic (approximately 43174) is used to access this site.
  • The estimated profit from this Website is 725 USD.
  • Moz has given this Website his 3.7 stars.
  • There are no broken links or favicons on this site.
  • His daily bandwidth for this site is 39.6 GB.
  • Russia and the Netherlands host this Website.
  • Daily ad revenue is $1,400.
  • The United States accounts for over 50% of his traffic to the Website.
  • The domain is over a year old.
  • It ranks 2256 in the US.
  • The traffic was maximum in March 2020

Features of

  • This Website is entirely free for users.
  • He earns from his As page.
  • Accessible from anywhere in the world.
  • No subscription is required to access this Website.
  • You do not need to create an account to access the content displayed on this Website.
  • There are no user limits.
  • This Website is barred in many countries but can be retrieved using a VPN.
  • It is an illegal website and requires a VPN connection to access it.

Live domains Links of Wcostream

This Website can be retrieved from the following domains: Is that so

  • wcostream.XYZ

Best Alternatives

Here are some other legit and legitimate alternatives.

  • Netflix
  • Crunchyroll
  • Amazon Prime
  • Anime Planet
  • Tubi Tv
  • Hulu

Why is so popular?

  • The Wco website has all the anime categories on the site.
  • No spam, and it doesn’t promote many types of abusive content.
  • No registration is required to access the site.
  • This Website is accessible.
  • It offers manga and anime from all regions.
  • Dubbed anime adds a unique fan base to this site.
  • Hence, it has become the most popular Website in the world. Company Information

Official Website:

Headquarters Location: None

Founded: 2019

Industry: Entertainment

Ownership: Confidential

Contact: Online Contact

Trust Score: N/A

How Does Make Money?

Wcostream is a streaming platform that displays multiple ads when you play videos. So, only in this way can the owner manage the Website and make money. Also, the company doesn’t have a subscription model to make money.

Also, streaming platforms can be built and designed to be non-commercial. The company is unknown because the owner is a mystery.


This article is written for educators seeking knowledge about []. Therefore, we do not encourage hacking or criminal contradictions in our writings. Please be careful when submitting content from this Website.

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