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Biz Tech Write for Us – Contribute & Submit Guest Post

Biz Tech Write for Us – Contribute & Submit Guest Post

Biz Tech Write for Us – Contribute & Submit Guest Post (1)

Biz Tech write for us? Biz Tech Age is a business and technology news website focused on business and technology. As an independent publication recognized by Google News and Apple News. Biz Tech Age covers topics such as but not limited to business, technology, digital marketing, blockchain, cryptocurrency and fintech.

Let’s Deliver Exceptional Business Experiences Together

Biz Tech is at the heart of innovative services and solutions. Suppose you want to grow in a similar field, partner with us to deliver superior business solutions and gain critical market space. Join IT professionals, businesses and resellers in our partner program and experience growth together.

Biz Tech: Google Partner

Google Ads Search Certification

Show your proficiency in creating and optimizing Google Search campaigns. Authorized Users demonstrate their ability to leverage automated solutions such as Smart Bidding and Audience Her Solutions to drive campaign performance for specific marketing goals.

By earning a Google Ads Search certification, Google will recognize your ability to:

Google Ads Display Certification

Make sure you can use Google Display to deliver results that make the most of your display advertising spend. Authorized Users demonstrate their ability to develop effective display campaigns and strategies that achieve specific marketing goals.

Google Ads Video Certification

Demonstrate your ability to get results from YouTube and Google Video advertising solutions. Certified Users demonstrate an understanding of how YouTube and Google Video advertising solutions can be used to run successful awareness, consideration, and behavioral campaigns.

By earning the Google Ads Video Certification, Google will assess your ability to:

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