yt5s com – I hope you opened this article out of curiosity. If not, I’m sorry. The yt5s com virus may not be new, but it is currently all the rage and claims to be the most annoying. Ironically, if you find it on your Mac, you won’t be able to click this article. Instead, whatever you type in the search bar will redirect you to a virus-picker website.

But if you’re reading this article on your phone hoping to find a solution, don’t worry. This is the right place. Plus, I applaud you for trying to fix the problem instead of bringing your Mac to an expensive service. AdBlock appreciates active users who want to stay in control of their devices. Ad blocking and the web security industry exist because there are people who oppose global corporations controlling personal data. You want instruments, and we will give them to you. You are why we live, and we are so grateful to you. Well, that was a lyrical digression. Now is the period to get rid of the virus.

What is yt5s com?

yt5s com is a website application that allows users to download YouTube videos without downloading another program.

Instead, the user enters her YouTube URL and allows the website to create a video file using the video in the URL.

After approximately time, the user will receive a download prompt to receive the video on their device.

Every time a user is infected with a nasty virus, they pretend not to know where it came from. So, gladly and without prejudice, he introduces the yt5s com virus because I don’t think so now.

There are websites on the internet where you can download YouTube videos even if you are reluctant to buy YouTube Premium. However, not only do these websites violate copyright laws, but they can also infect users’ devices with viruses like her YT5. yt5s com is not a ransomware virus but causes a lot of annoyance. For example, a virus may redirect you to your homeland site ( instead of the site you typed into the search bar. Furthermore, it can display all kinds of advertisements on your browser or even get installed as an extension of your browser and hide there. This could potentially deal with more dangerous and malicious viruses.

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Can yt5s com Download YouTube Videos on Mobile?

The best thing about website applications is that they work regardless of your operating system.

yt5s com works on all platforms, including PC, Mac, Android, and iOS.

Does yt5s com YouTube Downloader Have A Limit of Usage?

Surprisingly, Yt5s does not limit the number of videos users can download on the website, unlike free-to-use software.

Workers can download as many videos as they like on the website.

However, please note that the website transfer speed is limited to 1 GB/s, so if you have high-speed internet, you may experience a slight bottleneck with the website.

Yt5s com in detail

Websites that use unlicensed ad networks can force open when visited or cause redirects when hosted content (buttons, links, advertisements, etc.) is clicked on to various sites. Advertise. Supported websites are sales oriented (of genuine or counterfeit products), unreliable, misleading/fraudulent, and even malicious.

Additionally, malicious pages often lure users into sending browser notifications or hosting intrusive advertisements (pop-ups, banners, etc.). These notices/advertisements likewise promote dangerous and untrustworthy web pages. Moreover, some intrusive ads secretly download/install software when clicked.

How is Macbook May Infected with yt5s com?

The easiest way to get the yt5s com virus is by visiting a scam YouTube download site (like and accidentally clicking on one of the ads. These banners can distinguish as software notifications or, more generally, as download buttons. Then click on the file in the download to start installing the virus.

Another popular way to infect Macs is installing cracked versions of free or paid apps with the virus code hidden inside the package. So, don’t hesitate to choose the advanced or manual installation. All additional hidden packages can be displayed to prevent unwanted software from being installed on your Computer.

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Get Rid of yt5s com Virus from Mac Manually

Luckily for all Mac enthusiasts, the yt5s com virus is not so clever and cunning. It may appear because you can’t open sites other than your own, but it doesn’t hurt your system. Viruses hide in browser extensions. And the confusion and redirects stop instantly when it detects an extension you don’t remember installing and removing. The most important thing is to prevent future damage. Read on to learn how.

Potentially Unwanted Application Overview

Unauthorized web pages are often inadvertently accessed. It usually comes through redirects caused by shady sites, intrusive ads, or installed PUAs (Potentially Unwanted Applications). These applications can infiltrate your system and add harmful functionality.

Unwanted software may appear harmless, but it can crash websites, run intrusive advertising campaigns (adware), modify browsers (browser hijackers), and collect personal data. In short, PUAs can lead to system infections, severe privacy issues, financial losses, and even identity theft.

How did adware Install on my Computer?

PUAs often have “official” promotional/download pages and are endorsed in questionable ways. These applications may also spread using the “bundling” method of bundling regular programs with various plugins. Downloading/installing in a hurry increases the risk of bundled content infiltrating your system. When an intrusive ad is clicked, it can run scripts to download/install without user consent.

How to Avoid Installation of Possibly Unwanted Applications?

We recommend searching for software and downloading it from official/verified channels. Unfortunately, unofficial and free file hosting sites, peer-to-peer sharing networks, and other untrusted sources often offer bundled or harmful content.

When downloading/installing, we advise you to read the terms, study the possible options, use the “custom/advanced” settings, and opt-out of all additions. Intrusive ads seem harmless but Redirect to questionable websites (gambling, pornography, adult dating, etc.).

If you come across this ad or redirect, you should check your system to detect all suspicious applications and browser extensions/plugins and remove them without delay. If your Computer is already diseased with rogue applications, we endorse running a scan with Combo Cleaner Antivirus for Windows to remove them automatically.

Screenshot of the announcement posted by the yt5s com website:

How to Avoid Installation of Possibly Unwanted Applications_

Avoid All Malicious Ads with the AdLock Ad Blocker

I’ve written many articles about AdLock’s ability to protect users from various types of malware, and now I can finally test it in action. If you don’t see any ads or banners, it’s tough to be fooled. Silly, I know, but it works like a charm.

AdLock has two of his products for Mac owners. His AdLock extension for Safari is free, and the AdLock app keeps your entire Mac free of ads and threats. Choose what works best for you.

Stop yt5s com virus with AdLock Safari Extension:

  1. Download AdLock from AppStore;
  2. Press Open settings in the dialog window;
  3. Tick boxes next to AdLock and AdLock Icon in your Safari settings;
  4. Enjoy surfing the ad-less web.

Stop yt5s com virus with AdLock for Mac:

A real app is more convenient if you have a lot of sensitive information on your Mac, often need to interact with questionable applications, or simply need to use multiple browsers. In all cases above, AdLock provides an ad-free experience and an extra layer of protection. In addition, AdLock is simple and easy. Copy and set up in just a few clicks.

Remove Malicious Extensions

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, it’s finally time to remove that virus bastard from your browser. So why didn’t you explain how to do it sooner? I do not understand. Please get in touch with our SEO team.

From Chrome

– Open Google Chrome;

– Click Chrome > More tools > Extensions or find a little jigsaw icon in the bar where your current extensions are showing > Click on it > Choose to Manage extensions;

Find the yt5s com extension and click Remove;

– Restart Chrome.

From Mozilla Firefox

– Open Firefox;

– Click the three lines button > Add-ons and themes > Extensions;

– Find the extension > Click on it > Remove;

– Restart Firefox.

From Safari

– Open Safari;

– Click Safari > Preferences > Extensions;

– Select the YT5s extension (or anything else suspicious) > Uninstall;

– Restart Safari.

From Microsoft Edge

You use Microsoft Edge on your MacBook to download videos from YouTube and get infected with the yt5s com virus. You sound extra; I’d love to listen to your stories. Anyhow:

– Open Microsoft Edge;

– Click the three dots button > Extensions;

– Click Manage Extensions;

– Find the yt5s com extensions > Remove;

– Restart Microsoft edge.


yt5s com Downloading videos from YouTube has been around since the platform was launched.

However, over time, the software and tools required to download videos have become easier to use as less technical knowledge is required.

If you want to save mobile data on your next trip or hike, check out some of the tools listed here and try them.

Downloading videos is an excessive way to save data usage and can help you save money in the long run.