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Computer Networking Write for Us – Contribute & Submit Guest Post

Computer Networking Write for Us – Contribute & Submit Guest Post (1)

What is Computer Networking?

Computer Networking Write for Us – Computer Network refers to interconnected computing devices exchanging data and sharing resources. These networked devices use a set of rubrics called communication protocols to transmit information via physical or wireless technology.

How does a Computer Network Work?

Nodes and links are the building blocks of computer networks. A network node is data communications equipment (DCE), such as modems, hubs, and switches, or data terminal equipment (DTE), such as two or more computers or printers. A link is a transmission medium that connects two nodes. A link can be a physical link, such as a cable or fibre optic, or a space used in a wireless network.

In a functioning computer network, nodes follow the rules or protocols that define how electronic data is sent and received over links. A computer network architecture defines the design of these physical and logical components. It provides specifications for the network’s physical features, functional organization, protocols, and procedures.

What do Computer Networks Do?

Computer networks were great for defence and military purposes in the late 1950s. Initially, they were used to transmit data over telephone lines and had limited commercial and scientific use. With the advent of Internet technology, computer networks have become an integral part of businesses.

A modern network solution offers more than just connectivity. The underlying network functions are becoming more programmable, automated, and secure. These are essential to the digital transformation and success of today’s businesses.

A modern computer network can:

  1. Operate virtually
  2. Integrate on a Large Scale
  3. Respond Quickly to Changing Conditions
  4. Providing Data Security

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