Since the beginning of Android and today, how to free up space on Android, problems with storage have been present. Little by little, the methods to free up Android space have been changing until reaching the current point.

We now have several options so that our mobile space is not complete, and we are going to explain them to you step by step so that you can take advantage of them.

Delete The Apps You Don’t Need

  • Little by little, with our mobile’s daily use, we can accumulate countless applications that we do not need.
  • To avoid this, it is recommended from time to time to take a look at the ones we have installed and uninstall them.
  • We container do this from the Settings> Applications section, select the one we want to remove, and then uninstall.
  • If we want to know which ones we do not use, we can turn to the Google Play Android application store to offer us their help.

First, we enter Google Play

  • We touch on the drop-down menu and choose «My applications and games».
  • Now we touch on the “Installed” section
  • And we select storage.

It will show us the space that each of the applications occupies and the last time we have used it to detect which ones we need the least quickly.

Get extra storage by clearing the cache

  • If we do not want to delete some applications, but their space has been verified to be high, all we have to do is clear the cache.
  • It will give us a minimum storage bonus, but that can be highlighted if we add this space little by little from all the applications.
  • To carry it out, what we have to do is access Settings> Applications> “Select one”> Storage.
  • We will erase the cache and storage memory in the section that we find, making the application return to its original state.
  • Something very useful in social networks that gradually accumulate thumbnail images on our mobile.

Save photos and videos to the cloud

  • It is becoming more common to resort to the cloud to have documents always available.
  • But above all, it was a highly recommended resource to free up space on Android for photos.
  • These files are getting bigger and bigger and having them always available without filling up our mobile storage, we have Google Photos at our disposal.
  • By just downloading and installing the Google Photos application, we will create an unlimited backup of our photos and videos in compressed format.
  • The patterns can be saved on a hard drive and still always have them at hand.
  • In Google Photos, we find an option that deletes all the files we already have a completed backup.
  • To use the function to free up space on the mobile, like these files, we go to Google Photos, tap on the drop-down menu and then choose to free up space.
  • A tab will be exposed with information about what we can release and delete automatically.

Move files or photos to Micro SD card

  • Another method to free up Android space is using external memory cards.
  • By retrieving the file explorer of our mobile, we will select photos.
  • Videos or heavy files and choose to move them to the memory card.
  • We attain that our mobile is freed from those files that we do not usually use.

Transfer the Applications to the memory card

  • An extra resource available is to bring some apps to the memory card.
  • It is not obtainable in all Android customization layers, but in which it is, we only have to access Settings> Applications> Select one of them and then touch the option to move to the Micro SD card.
  • Apps like Google services cannot be moved because they are essential for their operation.
  • It is not optional to use the app to move often or if our card does not have a high writing speed because it could slow down the mobile.

Free up storage on your mobile

  • Through Android 10, one of the options already present in most customization layers reached all users.
  • Which lets us remove applications and other unnecessary files. Utilizing what we have mentioned, each layer does it in its way.
  • So we will likely have a different look and options, which we will complete later with an additional feature.
  • Using it is simple, we go to Settings> Storage, and we will quickly see the button to free up space.
  • Formerly it will direct us to the storage manager that will show us applications that we do not use and take up a lot of space.